An analysis of the causes, symptoms and therapies of the attention deficit disorder. This paper examines the myths and the true facts about the Attention attention deficit disorder. The author provides an overview of the causes for and the symptoms

Theory & practice, humanistic techniques, patient-therapist relationship, interventions, role of family and effectiveness. ABSTRACT This paper examines existential therapy for victims of childhood sexual abuse. The paper begins with a brief report on the incidence and effects of childhood sexual

A paper which analyzes experiments done to further understand change blindness. The paper describes change blindness as the inability of an individual to recall the changes between two different scenes. The paper discusses an experiment done whereby a basic question

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Examines their benefits for mental patients, economics, drawbacks, legal history, goals, eligibilit, benefits and administration. RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT Introduction Residential treatment centers exist world-wide with a purpose of treating people of all ages for a wide variety of problems. Programs evolved

This paper reviews the concept of abnormal behavior and comments on the need to evaluate and treat this behavior within a cultural context. The author states that behavioral and scientific abnormal psychology models do not apply in our modern, multicultural

Provides a definition and discusses types, factors producing cohesiveness (goals, relationships), threats to group and evaluation. In the fish bowl project it was apparent to me that there was a lack of group cohesion due to one significant factor. That

A paper which draws comparisons between the books “The Perils of Obedience” by Stanley Milgram and the “Stanford Prison Experiment” by Philip Zimbardo. The paper shows that both “The Perils of Obedience” by Stanley Milgram and the “Stanford Prison Experiment”

This paper looks at depression in the elderly which is often undiagnosed and therefore untreated. This paper identifies the causes of elder depression, possible treatments for the disease, and proposes a geriatric intervention program that would reduce depression in the

Critical review of collection of 14 essays on impact of AIDS, sexual dysfunction, treatment. This research reviews the book Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy: Update for the 1990s. The book presents a series of 14 readings on current research

This paper is an analysis of Mimi Richter’s book ‘Fat Talk: What Girls and their Parents Say About Dieting.’ This paper discusses Mimi Richter’s book on teen dieting and how parents can cope with it. It details several extensive research

Definition, purpose, techniques, problem- vs. solution-based approaches, effectiveness, client-counselor relationship, setting. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine the psychotherapeutic intervention of Single Session Therapy (SST). The presented review explores SST across a wide variety of therapeutic settings

This paper examines the different leadership styles that are effective in different situations. The research in this paper provides a framework to help managers motivate, asses, and plan. The author emphasizes the importance of planning and correct communication to avoid

A paper which discusses the importance of organized summer camps and programs in youth development. This paper presents to the reader the importance of organized summer camps and programs in youth development. A special emphasis throughout the paper is placed

A detailed examination of two types of personality tests designed to help as a guide on career choice. A paper which presents a detailed examination of organizational behavior and how it relates to two types of personality tests. The paper

Looks at the influence of teen magazines on teenage girls and how it affects their views of themselves. This paper describes how teen magazines influence the way teenage girls view themselves and affect their self-esteem. The author examines the bombardment

A paper that questions whether alcohol and tobacco use among teenagers leads to marijuana use. The paper defines gateway drugs as those which could open the doors to illicit drugs like hallucinogens, marijuana, cocaine, etc. The paper describes the discussions

A discussion of the increase of alcohol abuse in the senior population. This paper discusses the problem of an increase of alcohol abuse among the over 65 segment of the population. The problems in identifying alcohol abuse in this group,

This paper reviews recent research on alcohol and drug abuse and addiction in attempt to identify the factors that make individuals vulnerable to addiction. After an extensive review of the research, the author concludes that social, familial and genetic factors

This paper is a synopsis of Emile Durkheim’s book `Anomic Sucide.` This paper is a synopsis of Durkeim’s book Anomic Suicide, which discusses his opinions on the root sources of suicide. The paper gives a history of the author’s views,

This paper discusses the influence Dr. Jung had on the world of psychology and dream analysis. This paper explores the psychological theories developed by Dr. Carl Jung. It shows the beginning of his career as a student and collaborator of

Summarizes work on techniques of assertiveness training, setting goals, creating social network, sexuality. This paper will analyze the book, Don’t Say Yes When You Want to Say No by authors Herbert Fensterheim, Ph.D, and Jean Baer. The discussion will focus

Types, symptoms, diagnosis, causes, role of parents, traumas, assessment tools, medical & psychological treatments. This research reviews the literature on depression in children and discusses theories, assessment tools, treatment and implications for therapists. Often when a child is depressed the

Demographics, theories on causes, psychoactive aspects, types, diagnosis, socioeconomic issues. A number of people who drink heavily or drink frequently can develop an addiction to alcohol. A person that excessively consumes alcohol is termed an alcoholic and will experience significant

Covers the importance of play in the development of young children. This paper combines research and theory on a number of relevant topics on children’s play and highlights the implications for practical application in Early Childhood Education focusing on ages

Examination of human memory and how it functions. This paper explains how the human memory works and includes detailed information about the complexity and the exact organs of the brain and how these organs affect memory. Included are the differences

A detailed account of the phenomenon of teenage suicide and how to tackle the situation. A discussion of teenage suicide, its causes and effects. This paper examines aspects that may cause teenage suicide such as depression and stress and the

An analysis of the phenomenon of depression among adolescents. This paper explores the development stages of an adolescent against the backdrop of teen depression. Erickson’s and Piaget’s theory of child development is used to explain the causes of depressive and

Influence of development of scientific methods & discoveries on shaping of theoretical, conceptual & ethical bases of psychology. THE RISE OF EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE AND THE SHAPING OF PSYCHOLOGY Introduction This research explores the influence of the rise of experimental science

A paper on group cognitive-behavioral therapy with agitated elderly patients who have difficulties relating to others. The following paper examines how agitation, which is broadly characterized by anxiety accompanied by restlessness, is by far the most common cause for psychiatric

Issues discussed include State laws, deaths, incidence, views on alcoholism, focusing on weaknesses in the NJ law. Drunk driving results in a substantial number of injuries and deaths each year. In … alone, … people sustained injuries in alcohol-related accidents

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