A discussion on identity – how it is formed and judged, with a focus on racial identity, gender identity and class identity. This paper shows how a sense of identity is developed and how this identity is then judged by

Clinical profile of pedophiliacs. Intelligence, behavior, education, socioeconomics, family aspects and psychology. CHILD MOLESTER PERSONALITY TRAITS Introduction Personality traits of the child molester have been reviewed with the study of sexual offenders (child and adult), pedophilias, and incest offenders. Investigations

An in-depth analysis of whether trauma in childhood may lead to the development of BPD. This paper includes an extensive literature review of the role of trauma in the development of BPD, along with a clinical case study of a

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Examines perpetrator’s predisposition to rape. Types (power, anger, sadistic), biogenetic & psychosocial forces, alcohol, role of perceptions & cognitions. Forcible rapes continue to occur at a rate of 1.3 per minute (Olsen-Rando, 1993). In this regard, approximately 120,000 women are

Diagnostic features (fear, mistrust, powerlessness, impulsivity, unstable self-image), treatment alternatives, childhood trauma, relationship with therapist. Borderline personality disorder is an increasingly common diagnosis amongst American psychiatric patients(1). This paper will cover three specific areas related to BPD: (1) a description

Describes different stages of development that encourage and develop the reading ability in children. This paper provides the reader an overview of a child’s learning process and analyzes the process in which a child encounters when learning how to read.

An analysis of different methods of play therapy and their successes and failures when dealing with children. This paper is a detailed examination of play therapy and its purpose. The writer provides an understanding of what play therapy is and

A discussion of the novel depicting the pain and suffering of schizophrenia. This paper discusses Joanne Greenberg’s semi-autobiographical novel which tackles issues surrounding mental illness. The author’s intentions in writing the novel are outlined, including the importance of the patient’s

A discussion on Piaget’s and Bandura’s child development theories. This paper compares Piaget’s theory of cognitive development to the social learning theory. This paper examines Piaget’s child development theory that mains that children have ability to construct meaningful concepts and

A paper which discusses to what extent one’s personality is influenced by one’s parents in early childhood. The paper discusses how everyone’s identity as an adult is determined by his or her very early childhood. Ones ability to trust, make

Analyzes the thought of Erich Fromm, who examined the psychological problems of freedom and the apparent desire of many individuals to relinquish their autonomy to an external leader or force. Escape From Freedom Introduction The first foreword to this book

The paper introduces the human development in the field of psychology known as development psychology. The paper introduces the concept of development psychology and shows how it is divided into two types: cognitive development and emotional development. The paper studies

This paper discusses autism, a development disorder that inhibits communication and severely limits the development of a child’s skills. The author describes the behavior and developmental problems of autistic children. This paper focuses on autistic children ages three to five,

An analysis of how child psychologists collect clinical patient information. This paper examines the issues facing child psychologists and therapists when developing clinical formation. The paper discusses how a child’s social relationships affect their behavior, resulting in the therapist’s need

A discussion of the modern norms, customs and practices of romance. The paper analyzes how romance has changed over the centuries and explains why these differences have occurred. Romance, as it is practiced today, is compared to how it was

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