Born with the name Marcus Hopson, but most commonly known from his stage name Hopsin. Marcus is a hip-hop musician who gained most of his success from uploading music videos onto YouTube. Mostly known after leaving Ruthless-Records where he was

“A Place In The Sun” shows a softer side of TimMcGraw, moving away from the rugged cowboy image his fans know and love. Thisalbum is great to sit back and relax to, or even share with that special someone. McGraw’s

Every Christmas that I can remember, I asked for and received an art kit. Supplied with crayons, color pencils, markers, and watercolors, I had the magic to unleash my inner child’s imagination. I habitually drew Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon, and

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Crystallization is when magma cools off; crystallization is also the formation of an igneous rock. This occurs in multiple ways, one is being under the earth’s surface or after an eruption on the surface. A number of weathering elements are

The most important item of the Iceman’s equipment is his copper-bladed axe. The carefully smoothed yew haft is around 60 cm long. At the top of the haft there is a forked shaft into which the blade was fixed with

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