A look at the difference between the two cultures of Judaism. This paper starts by looking at the origins of the two practices, the Ashkenazi from northern Europe and the Sephardic from Spain. It goes on to discuss the cultures

This paper is a brief examination of the book “My Name Is Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok. The following essay briefly describes the story of a mother going mad and a boy who tries to release his pain , fear

This paper deals with Giovanni Boccaccio’s `Decameron` as a work of social parody rather than a book of morality. This paper discusses `The Decameron` by Boccaccio. The author focuses on the use of casual sex and jeopardized morals in Boccaccio’s

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A look at religion through the eyes of critics, including both the author’s and Gore Vidal’s. Religion can be defined as a set of values, rituals and beliefs that a certain community shares. Inevitably, religion has always had a strong

A discussion on the way in which Samuel Butler satirizes the idea that one’s vocation must be religious or theological in the nature of its calling with reference to his book, The Way of All Flesh. The following paper examines

This paper discusses Nirvana, the Buddhists’ form of enlightenment. This paper examines several different interpretations of Nirvana. The author begins with a concise definition of Nirvana, from Sanskrit. It examines different forms of Buddhism and details their individual definitions of

A discussion on the difficulty in and the reasons for creating a multi-denominational and a multicultural congregation. This paper examines the difficulties in creating a multi-denominational and multicultural congregation. The author lists the major factors for creating such a congregation

Review of the lyrics, historical accuracy and content of Joan Osborn’s song `St. Teresa` with a look at the actual life of the St. Teresa herself. This paper is a historical song review that compares the lyrics of Joan Osborne

History, sociocultural roots & effects, classical & folk forms, basic beliefs & practices of & impact of Christianity on Confucianism, shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism and Shinto. Society and Religion in Non-Western Societies Reconciling the societal differences between the Western world and

This paper takes a look at Francois Rabelais Gargantua and Pantagruel. This paper takes a look at Francois Rabelais’ life and how his upbringing influenced his work. The work examined in this paper is `Gargantua and Pantagruel`. Firstly a description

This paper reviews the autobiography “The Long Loneliness” by Dorothy Day dealing with her conversion to Catholicism. The paper reviews the book “The Long Loneliness” which is set during the Depression era. Dorothy Day desperately searches for some meaning and

A discussion of the position that black separatism is important for black independence. This paper discusses the book “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” based on material dictated by him and written by Alex Haley. It analyzes the argument by Malcolm

Critical review of study of early Catholic practices, writings of church fathers & relevance to modern worship. Leonel L. Mitchell has obviously devoted much of his religious life to the study of church history, particularly with respect to Christian initiation

A discussion on one of the most famous and debated arguments for the existence of God presented by an 11th century philosopher, theologian and church leader, Saint Anselm (1033-1109). The following paper argues that the “ontological” argument for the existence

This paper describes the Secessionist artistic movement of the early 1900s and analyzes Klimt’s 1898 richly symbolic painting Pallas Athene in the context of the artist’s artistic / political views and Greek mythology. The analysis links visual clues in Klimt’s

This paper looks at the conduct of war over the centuries and the restrictions placed on its conduct. This paper examines the notion of war and justice. It looks at the just war convention and the concept of honor that

A book report on “The Historical Figure of Jesus” by E.P. Sanders. This paper provides a brief review of this book which describes the life of Jesus. The author of this paper feels that the point of the book is

An analysis of the legal and constitutional rights available today against FGM. This paper explores the issue of Female Genital Mutilations (FGM). The author presents the views of Amnesty International and the Feminist Majority Foundation on this issue. In addition,

A paper which defines the Islamic religion and shows how its teachings are contradictory to political Islam. The paper defines the teachings and practices of the religion Islam and gives an overview of its history. The paper shows how the

The following essay discusses what Christ expects of a Christian today. This paper reflects on how modern society is bombarded with ideals that press forward advanced knowledge, superior consumer products, and what may seem like a never-ending supply of pop-culture.

This essay examines the character of the lieutenant in Graham Greene’s novel, The Power and the Glory. This paper is a character analysis of the anonymous lieutenant in Graham Greene’s “The Power and the Glory.” It focuses primarily on his

This paper looks at the way in which democracy was embraced in America when people desired freedom over the abuse of power in the church and state in Europe. The following paper discusses the way in which the freethinking Founding

Compares events in Jesus’ life covered by three books of New Testament. This research discusses the gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke. There are four gospels in the New Testament, but only three are addressed here. The focus is on

This paper describes the significance of the Kaa’ba in Islam and how Muslims feels about the rock and its location. The paper examines the Islamic ritual object Kaa’ba importance. It describes the origins of many religious rituals would be unknown

A look at the changes in Jewish marriages and dating as a result of increased Westernization and changing lifestyles. This paper discusses Jewish dating and marriage in the larger context of Western society, legal framework and cultural and religious laws

This is an exegetical paper that explores 1st Peter 3:1-5 and the roles of wives in biblical texts. This paper explains the author?s interpretation of a passage from Peter regarding the role of women as influenced by scholarly, peer reviewed

A comparison of the ritual life of the ancient Greeks and early Hebrews. This paper analyzes the differences and similarities between the ways in which Greek religion was tied to Greek political beliefs and practices and the ways in which

Position paper on abortion arguing that the pro-life position is the right position. (Learn also this source) This paper examines the controversial issue of abortion and argues that the pro-life decision is the morally right one. “There are many hard

This paper discusses how the Christian scriptures make use of an intensely personal, narrative form of story that gives that religion its unique quality. This paper shows how the Christian scriptures use of an intensely personal, narrative form of story

This paper looks at Soren Kierkegaard’s work Fear and Trembling. This paper analyzes the philosophical work of Soren Kierkegaard called Fear and Trembling. It is an analysis of stories in the Bible on a personal understanding basis. The main focus

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