Music Review for Punk Goes Classic Rock A compilation of classic rock covers by today’s most popular punk bands, Punk Goes Classic Rock delivers older songs with a familiar sound. The track list includes: Hit The Lights – More Than

The Eagles are old-time American rock legends, first together in 1971. However, based on January’s sold-out three-hour long performance at the Bank Atlantic Center, (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) they look like they haven’t lost a step. The classic rock group unveiled

Maroon 5 swept through the Midwest two weeks ago, performing in Chicago on Friday night and in Milwaukee on Saturday night. And now that I’ve been to quite a few of the shows this summer as the representative for Skittles,

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Reel Big Fish’s 1996 release, Turn the Radio Off (TTRO), was a success for two reasons, “Sell Out” and “Beer.” These two songs hit the mainstream. The album also benefitted from being released at a time when ska-punk music was

Well, it’s finally here. After an entire summer filled with its reality TV show, Rock Star Supernova released their debut album. All the ingredients are correct – rock veterans Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke, and Jason Newsted and their hand-picked singer,

In1995, No Doubt was on top of the world. With their third album “TragicKingdom” going multi-platinum thanks to hits such as “Don’t Speak”and “Just A Girl,” it seemed nothing could stop them. The music worldsat on the edges of its

Breaking into the music world takes determination, passion and a great deal of luck, but for female-fronted bands, making it into the limelight has previously seemed hopeless. The bulk of breakthrough rock bands have formerly been cookie-cutter male rockers with

Kenny loggins was a very popular artist back in the 1980s and he has made very memorable songs. In his album Playlist: Kenny Loggins: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Years, 1979-1988, he starts off with his preppy song Don’t fight it

Alternative rock, also known as alt-rock, alternative music, or simply alternative, emerged around the 1980’s. Alternative is described for these 80’s bands as being a punk rock band working off of independent record labels, since they didn’t fit in with

Before the Punk Rock and Grudge Rock that came with Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and Blink 182 Before the head banging music of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, And even before the vibrant and explosive Guns ‘N’ Roses and Bon Jovi

“Rock She Said”Rock She Said: Guitars + Attitudes” is a 14-song compilation that beautifully proves that the rock and roll world isn’t completely dominated by males. The album features 14 tracks by fourteen in-your-face female artists and bands from the

The Church of Rock And Roll by Foxy Shazam is an innovative twist on classic rock and roll. A wide range of instruments and Eric Nally’s penetrating vocals add zest to the album that makes it different than any other

#1. “Dirt,” Alice in Chains – The second release from my personal favorite band. This CD includes hard and heavy songs such as “Dam That River,” “Them Bones,” and “Would.” #2. “10,” Pearl Jam – One of the most popular

The hard rockers from down under are Back In Black, and as legendary as ever! Their new, highly anticipated 15th studio album, “Rock Or Bust” stays true to their ‘guitar band’ sound. As soon as the first riff kicked in

Starring: Kevin Zegers Miley Cyrus The video begins with Kevin standing in a parking garage, sketching a graveyard. He begins to hear ghostly voices asking him if he misses her. He looks up and sees Miley drive up and look

You may remember Reel Big Fish from their debut album”Turn the Radio Off.” Well, here they are with their sophomore attempt,and it has all the ska from the first album and a whole lot more. There is agreat beat to

If your musical taste is what you’d call rebellious, then you’re sure to love “Save Rock And Roll” by Fall Out Boy. The fiery soundtrack will make you want to get up and dance. When Fall Out Boy took a

Kid Rock is my favorite music artist, because he has really good music, regardless of the kind of language that he uses. Some of my favorite songs by him are: Cocky, & American Bad*SS. I love his music, but I

Sometimes, when I am trapped in a crowded waiting room or public transportation, I like to look at the signs and make new words out of their letters. First I see if I can discern smaller words in the headlines

It is a mild, March afternoon as I sat in my last class of the day. My English teacher quieted us down, preparing us for an announcement. “Yesterday, Patrick, a member of our school, was killed in a skiing accident,”

My room is a sedimentary rock. The surrounding high-paced, high-stress environment provides the pressure necessary to compress each day into a new layer of clothing: Monday’s T-shirt lies beneath Tuesday’s fuzzy socks, Wednesday’s jeans, Thursday’s oversized sweater, and Friday’s sun

The first is design of goods and services. HER customer do not just want a meal, they want an experience. So, Hare’s product is not only the food, they also provide drinks, music, memorabilia, rock concerts, retails… Etc. They create

This was just the beginning of their rocks lives. During the early ass’s this band was at the peak of their success. They became very rich and did crazy things like trash the hotels they stayed in while on tour(dilemma

Other major rock-music styles include rock and roll (also known as rock ‘n’ roll), the first genre of the music; and rhythm-and-blues music (R&B), influenced mainly by black American musicians (see African American Music). Each Of these major genres encompasses

In order to grasp an understanding of where Rock Music came from, we must first understand what it is. Today, the term “Rock” is used as a blanket term, to include alternative styles Of reggae, metal, alternative, rock ‘n’ roll,

It helped me deal with my depression and come out of it my confiding in others who liked the same music as me. Heavy metal bands such as Metallic, Disturbed, and Megalith sing about REAL problems that people go through

Having a distinct structure and showing development from beginning to end helps make a song timeless. Also the depth and complexity of writing for tens or even hundreds of instruments will make classical music appreciated by people for endless expanse

The earliest known roots of rock music as a unique genre of music branching UT from rock ‘n’ roll date back to the early-to-mid sass. Over the next 5 decades since then, rock has been propelled into being one of

Instead of watching drunk girls take off heir tight, ripped shirts and loud boys drink cheap beer, I had a music revelation and experienced an extremely, and very much not-anticipated, culture shock. The 924 Gillian SST. Venue was not as

It’s a broad question and responses, as there are many songs with different messages that lead to the population in general, but especially to the youth ho are most in need of positive pulses and music that magnify inside as

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