A paper which explores the issues of security vs. freedom in post-September 11th America. The paper discusses the cry for “doing whatever it takes” to guarantee American citizens’ safety and security and to prevent a similar terrorist act from recurring

A look at the economic future of social security for Americans and the possible disasters that could erupt with the changing population. This paper discusses the expected changes to the population and various solutions and opinions proposed by current economists,

This paper analyzes and examines the multitude of issues related to social security reform. This paper investigates and critiques social security benefits of current problems and possible solutions to the social security crisis. The paper concludes with recommendations for improving

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A study in the security of accessing networks remotely. The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss available methods to secure a network so people can access it remotely. The paper describes the network administrators’ challenge of securing

An analysis of the effects of extra security expenditure and security measures on airlines. This paper discusses the rising cost of security and how it is hurting airline business in the United States. The writer describes how the price tag

A discussion as to the role of the U.S. defense forces at home and abroad. This paper questions the responsibility of the various U.S. defense forces to attaining and keeping international peace as opposed to their task of national security.

A look at the proposed reforms in the law to protect retirement schemes after the fall of Enron. The paper shows that the spectacular collapse of Enron, the largest corporate bankruptcy in the history of the United States, has created

A paper which discusses the strategies a manager should adopt in order to ensure the security of the information within the organization. The paper shows that to address the issue of information security of an organization, managers should develop certain

This paper delves into the issues of speed and security of today’s internet. This paper delves into the issues of speed and security of today’s internet. The author touches on ancillary topics: possible internet crashes, spam, the future of email.

A study of consumer and business concerns over internet sales transactions security. This paper examines in depth the Internet security concerns for consumers and business in their commerce transactions. This paper focuses on the problems that are actually being faced

This paper looks at some of the issues raised since the September 11 , 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. This paper discusses some of the many issues that have been raised in the debate between the protection of

A description of the measures taken to address the new security concerns in America. The paper describes the measures that have been taken in order to secure the lives of Americans in the new reality of world terrorism. The paper

A look at different anti-terrorism measures and their developments. This research offers a critical approach to different anti-terrorism measures, that are or were used by democratic states in the 20th century. The author provides a descriptive approach based on the

An in-depth discussion of Internet crimes, how the criminals access the victims information and what can be done for personal protection on the Internet. This paper offers an extensive study into the phenomenon of Internet crimes such as identity and

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