OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT-1 EXECUTIVE SHIRT COMPANY Group Members: Introduction The executive shirt company is a well known brand in apparel industry having varieties of high quality standard size readymade shirts which were competitively priced also. Foreseeing the tremendous opportunity in custom

“So…what are you looking for? ” The saleswoman says to me. All of a sudden, I see this cute shirt in the corner of my eye. Before I could even tell her what I wanted to try on, she looked

However both plans presented by Mike and Ike are not perfect and have scope for improvement. Mike’s plan achieves the target regular and custom shirt productions and also increases the utilization without paying people for overtime, hence reducing the cost

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This helps in eliminating not only internal competition but also ensuring that economies of scale is achieved. As the above structure was first evolved at Amul in Gujarat and thereafter replicated all over the country under the Operation Flood Programme,

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