And I, Sanjana Khanter am here to express this heartfelt gratitude on behalf of my fellow batchmates who’re sitting down there, each looking gorgeous in their chosen hues. To begin with, I’d like to thank God devoid of whom, none

To teach the audience the steps necessary to set up a hookah right at home. Thesis Statement: The proper steps necessary to set up a hookah right in your home. 1) Put the stem into the glass base. 2) Place

Nelson Mandela to the Model United Nations students from around the world at the Global Classrooms Model United Nations Conference in the United Nations headquarters in New York City, United States. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary general of the United Nations,

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Fudge is a unique sweet invented by the Americans that can be made by just a couple of steps.  Did you ever wonder how grandma made that amazing holiday treat fudge? II. Today I am going to tell you where

The definition of self-concept is, the mental image or perception that one has of oneself. If someone were to ask a person how they see themselves most people would answer with a positive answer; people usually don’t look deep down

Contrary to the popular belief that Henry Ford and his Ford Motor Company invented an automobile; Henry Ford’s most significant contribution was actually the invention of the moving assembly line. Topic – Today, I am here to discuss with you,

Women were not allowed to vote. They usually could not get higher education. Often, they could not get jobs, and when they did, they get paid less than men for for the same work. They could not own property, in

We are delighted to have all of you here to participate in the 30th class reunion. Thank you for coming. I know many of you travel long distances, some are even from abroad to join the anniversary. I was so

My speech evaluation is based on Steve Jobs’ Inspirational Speech, “If today were the last day of my life. ” He was trying to persuade the audiences that whatever you do, follow your heart, if you were to die tomorrow,

It has been widely accepted that textbook is an essential component of the classroom. It is the most common teaching device. A textbook is a manual of instruction or a standard book in any branch of study. They are produced

While working on this project, I have attained immense knowledge and experience has been very interesting. I am thankful to my computer teacher who has guided me and given me the outlines related to the topic and also the assistance

As first stated by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, the art of rhetoric in persuasive speaking is based upon the usage of the three key components, logos, ethos and pathos. Logos representing the usage of logic and reasoning within the

Today, I stand before you, with a lot of emotions; quite similar to those I faced the first day I entered this building. It was not just a building; it was a place that slowly but surely over the next

The image alone sometimes create an enormous effect on most people, causing nervousness, and maybe even fear. Before we jump to that, let’s look at the definition of the word itself. According to Merriam Webster online dictionary, the words Public

The speech was made to the aboriginals and to the stolen generations. There was forced a politic by the Australian government which is known for assimilation upon the aboriginals. Inhuman actions were inflicted on the aboriginals who involved that the

Many people would disagree, but all great speeches by famous people such as Martin Luther King, Jr. , Abraham Lincoln and even Adolph Hitler demonstrate that words are more powerful than actions. Strong words speak louder than actions. Actions are

This speech took place in Washington, D. C in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial where hundreds of thousands of black and white Americans gathered to hear MLK make history. In his speech, MLK frequently called for an immediate end

When we heard the word, ‘public speaking’, what came to mind is standing in front of a crowded room packed with people and talking to them. The image alone sometimes create an enormous effect on most people, causing nervousness, and

As you already know, I’m running for 9th grade class representative this year. Before I start, I would like to wish good luck to my fellow candidates. First I’m going to explain what a class representative is and what you

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