The Crucible

In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible the relationship between Proctor and Elizabeth gradually improves throughout the play. At the beginning they are both extremely separate both physically and mentally. However the relationship in Act two starts to develop as Elizabeth rediscovers

The quote, “In literature as in life, human beings may find themselves in conflict when they live in a society that outwardly seems civilized and yet practices prejudice and injustice within,” means that even when a civilization is viewed as

GATSBY uses symbols to represent the hollowness of the upper class. East vs West is the first symbol he uses to make a separation between old and new rich. Another symbol are the unread books, which represents Gatsby as a

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Character Analysis of Reverend Parris If it were not because of the self-preserving and greedy nature, also the paranoia of the people in Salem, the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 would most likely not have occurred. One of those people

Individual Text Record Sheet for AOS: Belonging Title: Looking for Alibrandi Composer: Melina Marchetta Form and text type: Novel Publication date: 1992 Context: Set in 1992, Sydney, Australia, surrounding the secluded Italian community. Audience: Young adults Purpose: To educate young

The character Betty Parris plays an important role in the story of the Crucible. As one of the girls who danced in the forest she is part of the play’s central conflict. She is the cause of the townspeople blaming

Abigail commits many sins and manipulates many people so she can prevent herself from getting in trouble. It all began when she committed adultery. According to the Old Testament, lust is one of the seven deadly sins. Abigail’s lust for

The overall message of Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, is that when uncontrolled hysteria is combined with ignorance, the outcome is tragic. While Miller offers his audience some comic dialogue to soften the events it does not mask the horrifying

The first began back in the 1600’s in a little town known as Salem Massachusetts, where people were killed for crimes of witchcraft. The second instance, while not quite as known for bestowing rigor mortis still put ruin on the

John Proctor is your typical Puritan man of the time, wants sons to discipline, a wife to call his home and wants a good farm to provide for his family. What makes John Proctor so special is that he was

There are several differences between the way the play The Crucible was written and the way it was presented in the film adaptation we watched in class. One major difference was that in the movie, the girls were shown dancing

The literary work “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller is a very good choice for your essay. “The Crucible” is one of the most mysterious, and at the same time very utilitarian creation of the outgoing century.The play, which hitherto raises

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