The Outsiders

He relates to a small town.Where everybody know who everybody is.Old people drinking coffee at a convenience store.This is what small towns are.There’s some bars a good place for pizza.Most of a timer a diner but not in are’s. These

The key aspect discussed in The outsiders By S.E. Hinton what does Johnny mean when he says stay gold to Ponyboy right before Johnny dies. What Johnny is trying to say that good things don’t last long because the harsh

The Outsiders did non suit the standards of being one of the movies of Francis Ford Coppola. Critics were mostly unimpressed by the film but did good plenty at the box office. The Outsiders was based off the novel. published

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In the novel “The Outsiders” by S. E Hinton an of import subject is household and friendly relationship. This subject is interesting because it shows us how when you’re household you come together to look after each other no affair

The Greaser Gang Ponyboy Curtis – The youngest Curtis brother, 14 years old. He is the narrator of the story. Ponyboy is very smart and interested in culture and movies, different from his other brothers. Ponyboy gets good grades and

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The Outsiders by S. E Hinton is a novel about a boy called Ponyboy who is involved in a rivalry between two gangs, the Greasers and the Socs. The Socs live in the West side of town; they look clean,

This is an essay over S. E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders. In this essay I will be using the following literary terms: symbolism, allusions, and foreshadowing. I will also be giving several examples of these literary terms. The background of

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