Title: Rufus Wainwright is a God And Want Two is my Bible (yes, an honest Bible does exist- no longer limited to being a preached oxymoron)! I have to write a review for Want Two, for the chef-d’oeuvre which has

Here we go with Adam Lambert again. The gay icon of 2009, full of both a stunning talent and a scandalous personality. So even before you watch the music video, even before you hear the song, your brain starts asking

This selection can be found in Chicken Soup for the Teen Soul, the 7th in the Teen Ink book series, all available in bookstores nationwide and online. Click here to read more about these anthologies of the best pieces from

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I want to make a difference. I want to leave a mark after I’m gone. I want to be remembered. I want to touch the lives of all those I know. I want to be thought of fondly. I want

In the beginning, when I first came to SVA open house, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really know much about the school was it had the Cartooning major I desperately want. As the presentation for the Cartooning

Even though my sister lives in Washington DC now, I still find myself marveling at the Discovery Channel – my favorite shows being “Mythbusters” and “Discovery Project Earth.” These programs hold my attention in ways that allow me to focus

“Yixing! Stop!” my friend yelled. I stopped chasing and frolicking, and turned my head to see what had happened. Lu was sitting in the mud, bursting into tears; she was one of my good friends who had lived next to

A pigeon once nested in the front courtyard of my house. It moved grotesquely and could not fly, its physicality a result of birth defects. Neither my family nor I felt a necessity to relocate the unfortunate creature, though a

Growing up believing that I wanted to be a second grade teacher changed November 1,2006. As we sat at Polish Falcons (a Ukrainian Club) we waited for the results to come in. Listening to the lady in the front yell

When I was 13, life was good, life seemed easy. My parents were living the American Dream after coming from Poland as immigrants. After a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice, things finally started coming into place. For me, bad

The first thing I would want my roommate to know about me is that I am terrified. The idea of leaving everything and everyone I have ever known is one that my head has not yet wrapped itself around. I

I dislike people saying , “ I lost myself” because i know my identity is not lost , it just needs more uncovering. It is like rooted within you and when you say, “ I have myself., And my dreams”.

The singer, Mick Jagger, of the Rolling Stones sings a song that tells people they can’t always get what they want but if we try sometimes we can get what we need. The past years in my life my parents

“What do you wanna do in life, man?” I hate this question. What I hate even more is what I automatically spit out every time. “I don’t know, man.” It angers me that I do not like my reflex response.

“Anya* is not good… But she wants it.” A pretty harsh line for a twelve-year-old to hear, but this moment helped in my development of how I deal with life’s persistent challenges. Some people see sports as an outlet, a

The struggle to find what one wants to do with their life begins at an early age. A five year old may plan on becoming a firefighter or an astronaut. As one ages, so do one’s dreams. They become clearer

I crave for changed this year. I wanted to tried new things and be different. My life before I found Jesus this year was dark. I saw no hope, I cried every day, and I pretend. But not anymore because

On my official visit to OSU, a gentleman who currently attends the university said something that really stuck with me during the course of the visit. He said, “ Choosing OSU was one of the best decisions that I have

In my sophomore year of high school, I was invited by my band director to go to Class D Honors Band.It was an honor, I was ecstatic.I couldn’t wait, my mind raced with the excitement and the adrenaline; and in

With my helmet in my left hand and my Walmart scooter gripped firmly in the other, I entered the skate park. Twenty plus teenage boys sped around in the enclosed area. This place’s reputation had left me on edge, and

Because of mental illness, my aunt was murdered, leaving my family and I broken. On a sunny day in July of 2014, I received a call from my mother saying my great aunt Theresa had passed away, but I was

My long-term goal is to become a Hairdresser. First, to become a Hairdresser I need to do well in school. I want to work as hard as I can to get my diploma and to move on with my life.

If someone does not share with others then others will not share with them. If someone does not care about anyone else and only cares about themselves people will slowly stop caring for them. When I was little my brothers

I tried to fit in…Be like everybody else…I was afraid to stand out because then I would have to stand by myself. It is not easy…It seems like the whole world is against me… I want to get a decent

Originally performed by Cheap Trick, this song is truer than we know. This version (or the version I listen to) is done by a band called KSM, and this version was on “10 Things I Hate About You”. I like

With its expanding capital and traditions still deeply rooted, South Korea is a haven of serenity and modernity that will appeal to many travelers. Some reasons why i want to visit South Korea.Visit imperial palaces of exception.In Seoul and other

Who we are now is not who we were last year, last week, yesterday or even a minute ago. Life never stands still, no matter what we do. Change is the very nature of existence—our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, even

How can a person convince others to follow? One must understand, fabricate, and practice an idea before preaching it to other. Publicizing It is the best way as people follow what they see. Media plays an Important role In this.

Nowadays we live in a society, which is obsessed with materialistic things. In supermarkets, shops, on the internet also almost everywhere we are surrounded with products which we could buy. Unfortunately people want more and more stuff and are not

The reason I want to become a teacher is very simple. Teacher of the year (2011) noted that “it’s not what you make but what you make possible. ” I believe that I can make a difference with the children.

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