A look at various causes for the American Civil War with an emphasis on slavery. This paper explores the social, economic and political reasons for the war as well as the aspect of slavery. The author emphasizes slavery as the

A historical study on World War II. This paper provides a chronological overview of World War II, from 1939-1945. It begins with depression torn Germany and ends with the United States bombing Japan at Hiroshima with the first atomic bomb.

An examination on the complexity of causes of the American Civil War. This paper explores the issues and conflicts that lead to the American Civil War pitting the South against the North. The paper states that the war was caused

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An American perspective on the three main motives of the war. This paper looks at the American perspective on the motives of the the Persian Gulf War. This author discusses the war beginning with a complete history on the state

An extensive paper on the dictatorships of WWII, based upon a chapter from the 8th Edition of the book, “A History of Western Society”. This paper talks about the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, from his childhood up to

This paper takes a very good look at how women were encouraged to enter the work force during World War II, the jobs they held and how they felt. “Among the many battles fought during the course of World War

An analysis of “How to Tell a True War Story” by Tim O’Brien . This paper discusses the story How the Tell a True War Story, by Tim O’Brien. It describes the universal truths that apply to all people and

This paper argues that just war theory, and the international law which is based upon it, are inherently flawed and lead powerful states justifying violent actions. In this paper, it is argued that throughout history and in present day, the

This paper discusses the treatment of the Blacks in Tulsa during World War I. In this paper, the book, “Death in a Promised Land”, is used to show how the hopes and dreams of blacks after WWI in Tulsa were

Argues for the legalization of Marijuana. This paper presents arguments in favor of the legalization of Marijuana. The author argues that legalization would benefit the economy and society by reducing crime and violence. “Slowly, the old man inhales the sweet

This paper introduces and discusses the themes, characters, and moral dilemmas of two novels, “Corelli’s Mandolin, by Louis de Bernieres, and If Not Now, When? by Primo Levi. This paper compares these two novels and how the main characters are

A look at the unrecognized role of women in the Vietnam War. This paper describes women’s contribution to the Vietnam War. It explores why the literature and history taught about Vietnam often ignores their important contribution. The writer shows that

This paper examines the historical background to the Civil War. This paper explores the different factors that lead to the Civil War between the North and the South in the U.S. It shows through the context of the Industrial Revolution,

Critical analysis of work William Harris on reasons for & effects of Rome’s expansionist policy. Ancient Rome developed from a small prehistoric settlement on the Tiber River in Latium in central Italy into an empire that encompassed all of the

A detailed analysis of the increasing war against drugs and whether this war is a just and valid one. This paper looks into the Just War Theory of St. Augustine, and determines whether the war against drugs is war that

A study on the powerful illustrative themes of three poems. This paper demonstrates how poems present themes and how each work achieves the theme of power, love, or war by the use of imagination, which is effectively used to illustrate

A study of the critical southern battles in the American Civil War. This paper examines the battles of the South in The Civil War. It explains that these battles led to the Union’s victory over the Confederate Army. The author

A comparative paper showing the history of all three of these monumental events and how they affected the world. The paper follows the events leading up to and during the course of the French Revolution, the American Civil War and

This paper explores three global post-Cold War political trends. Firstly, the paper looks at the idea of “unipolarism” -the development of one super-power in the world. Secondly, it explores the consequences when a powerful country takes on territorial commitments it

Discusses the recent drug enforcement policies adopted by the Bush administration and the strategies adopted by the US government to fight against drugs. This paper examines how President George W. Bush has lived up to his election vow that he

This paper, written in newspaper format, examines the lives of abolitionists and other issues related to the American Civil War. This paper is set up as a newspaper from the Civil War era. It spotlights the life of abolitionists, Sojourner

Background, involvement & political & economic motivations for joining American colonies’ fight against British. In 1779, France and Spain joined the United States against England in the Revolutionary War. Up to that time, the American Revolution had been a matter

Critical review of work on evolution of Hitler’s anti-Jewish plans, responses of & effects on Jews. Lucy D. Dawidowicz, in The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945, tells the story of the evolution of the Nazi campaign led by Adolf Hitler

A look at the weapons used in the American Civil War, the modernization process and the use of bullets for the first time on such a major scale. This paper examines the modernization of warfare that occurred during the American

Looks at the weaponry used during the American Civil War. This paper discusses the types of bullets and guns used in the American Civil War. The author details the type of techniques and weaponry used throughout the war and looks

This paper discusses the domestic effects of war on three countries, Israel, Syria and Egypt. This paper contrasts and compares the effects of three different wars, on three different countries in the Middle East. The reasons for Egypt, Israel and

Analyzes U.S. tilt toward Iraq in 1980-1988. Background, overall Middle East policy, secret talks, aid, arms for hostages deal with Iran, aftermath. This research paper summarizes and evaluates the policies pursued by the Reagan Administration during the war between Iran

A look at the Thomas Freidman book, “The Lexus and The Olive Tree.” This paper takes a look the differences between the cold war system and globalization as seen in Thomas Freidman’s book, The Lexus and The Olive Tree. The

This paper describes the 1948 war that heralded the founding of Israel. This paper describes the events surrounding the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Topics covered include the origins of the war, a basic chronology of the conflict, and the results, the

Examines 1990 TV docudrama’s portrayal of life, politics, ethics, law, human rights under dictatorship in Paraguay. The film One Man’s War, produced for Home Box Office and directed by Sergio Toledo in 1990, is an example of the television docudrama,

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