The reader analyses every single word, ut instead he gets a general idea from the text, because he is not focused in reading for specific detail. Instead of reading each word, the reader takes words in chunks, that Is to

Students will identify and analyze the elements of sensory language, imagery, and style and continue to record examples of tone and imagery on graphic organizer. Students will identify how word is used in text and discuss and record possible meaning

Language Use Essay Language can be considered as a work of art. The way one speaks imprints one’s personality and knowledge. However, language does not exist in a vacuum. It develops over the course of time according to a society’s

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Quantitative and qualitative methods have been applied as the study is aimed at the frequency count as well as the cross linguistic analysis. The data to achieve this goal have been obtained from the English book The Vanity Fair by

Understanding the importance of the English language more and more people in the world want to learn and to know English. Prepositions pose more problems for the non-native speaker or learner of English than any other part of speech, because

In all previously discussed lexical SDs we dealt with various transformations of the logical (denotational) meaning of words, which participated in the creation of metaphors, metonymies, puns, zeugmas, etc. Each of the SDs added expressiveness and originality to the nomination

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