Taiwan 2 Essay Research Paper Taiwan is

7 July 2017

Taiwan 2 Essay, Research Paper

Taiwan 2 Essay Research Paper Taiwan is Essay Example

Taiwan is an island located about 100 stat mis from China. It was originally portion of China. But in 1949, the Communists seized Mainland China coercing the patriots to withdraw to Taiwan. From so on, Taiwan is besides known as Free China. The leaders of Republic of China, ( Free China ) hoped someday that the Communists will be driven out of China. Therefore, they start to construct Taiwan as a military base for such intent. However, their dreams were ne’er accomplished, alternatively, their attempts turned Taiwan into a economic powerful state. This is besides known as the Taiwan Miracle.

There is another interesting information about Taiwan & # 8217 ; s name. Despite Free China, Taiwan besides has two other names, & # 8220 ; Taiwan & # 8221 ; ( the one we call it ) and & # 8220 ; Formosa & # 8221 ; . Let & # 8217 ; s talk about & # 8220 ; Taiwan & # 8221 ; foremost. & # 8220 ; Taiwan & # 8221 ; means & # 8220 ; terraced bay & # 8221 ; to the mountain tribal people who originally lives in Taiwan. When the immigrants from China migrated to this island 3 100s old ages ago, they kept hearing the tribal people naming ( the topographic point where the Chinese landed ) & # 8220 ; Taiwan & # 8221 ; . Therefore, they assumed that the island is & # 8220 ; Taiwan & # 8221 ; . Formosa, on the other manus, was called by the Lusitanian crewmans in the 1600s. It means & # 8220 ; beautiful island & # 8221 ; . Therefore, there are still people mentioning Taiwan as Formosa when they try to fancify Taiwan today.

Taiwan is a sub-tropical state that that is warm most of the twelvemonth. The Tropic of Cancer passes through Taiwan in the southern portion. Therefore, snow is unusual to most the Taiwanese here. But there are some topographic points up in the high mountains that do acquire cold adequate to snow. Because the land is hot and humid, it is the best for turning rice and other farm merchandises. The husbandmans in north can turn two harvests of rice a twelvemonth in the North and three harvests a twelvemonth in the South. There are largely mountains in the north portion of Taiwan while home base farming area in the South.

The authorities of the Republic of China has some similarities to the authorities of the United States. The authorities is based on a Fundamental law and there is a President and Vice President. ROC has a National Assembly alternatively of a Congress and there are five subdivisions of the authorities, legislative, executive, judicial, scrutiny, and control. There are three major political parties and some other lesser known 1s. The best party that control many resources of the state is the KMT, ( Kuomintang ) , besides known as the Nationalists. The 2nd best party is DPP, ( Democratic Progressive Party ) . And New Party. Well, from here I have to state you that I am a zealot of New Party and I will interprete the three parties in MY WAY. Alright, allow me give you elaborate descriptions of the three parties. KMT is the oldest party in Chinese history. However, over the past 80 old ages, the whole party has turn from energetic and benevolent to decandent. However, such corruptness was non the exclusive job of KMT. The biggest problem this party is confronting is the infiltration of the independency thought. Because of President Lee, who is a entire hypocratical Nipponese renegade, he tries to take KMT into an autocratic that in secret seek the independency of Taiwan. Therefore please note President Lee & # 8217 ; s decieteful actions and non to be fooled by the media that support him. Beside KMT, the 2nd most of import political party is the DPP. DPP is a party that is known for seeking of the independency of Taiwan. They think that merely with the entire separation with China would profit Taiwan. They are the ideal extremist collectivists. However, because they are excessively idealistic, these zealots frequently use utmost and violent ways to carry through they ends or to show their feelings. As a consequence, they are besides known for their anti-government and aggressive behaviours. The last party which is besides the party that I personally support, is the New Party. New Party is a reasonably & # 8220 ; new & # 8221 ; party. it was formed, I believe, merely 5 old ages ago by merely 7 members of the KMT legislators. The ground that they form such party is because their ideals to reform the Taiwan authorities. 5 old ages ago, ROC authorities was controled by weak and corrputive KMT functionaries ( so is now ) that the nihilist DPP members disturb the domestic repose. They thought there is a demand to reconstruct the proper societal order and long lost Chinese civilization. Unlike the KMT and DPP, New Party do non believe that & # 8220 ; Money & # 8221 ; has to travel with & # 8220 ; Power & # 8221 ; and anything has to travel the & # 8220 ; difficult manner & # 8221 ; , so they are peaceable combatants against the corruptness and the force in society. At that clip, all the political critics believed that this party will non last under the domination of KMT and DPP. However, over 5 old ages their support has raised from 5 per centums to now 20 per centum and is still steadyly turning. As people like me ( good educated in-between category ) support this party, I believe Taiwan will be a better state.

Taiwan is a crowded island. Imagin 21 million people populating on an island that & # 8217 ; s merely 36,000 square kilometer, including all the mountains and unliveable countries. If you do some serious computations, you would happen out that in some

large metropoliss like Taipei, the denseness of population norms over 1500 individuals per square kilometer! Therefore, if you travel on Taiwan, you will normally see people. Sometimes, even if you climb a mountain or hiking far into the forests, you will still happen a small farm small town hidden in the jungle, or pupils on a field day, or soldiers on manoeuvres.

There are three major groups that live on the island of Taiwan. The first group is the Chinese that migrated to Taiwan 400 old ages ago to avoid the pandemonium and war in China. These people have their ain idiom ( Chinese ) and imposts. However, although they consider themselves as Chinese, they are still Chinese. The 2nd largest group life in Taiwan is the Mainlanders that came over 40 old ages ago when the Patriots fought the Communists. Because these people are frequently good educated and sometimes affluent ( despite the soldiers that came along ) , they attempts helped to determine the present state. The last group is the natives who have been populating in Taiwan for more than thunsands of old ages. These people are like the Indians in American who face considerable jobs. These three groups were populating in harmony few decennaries ago. However, the DPP has been seeking to stress that the Mainlanders are non truely Chinese but Chinese Pigs. You see, they believe Chinese are NOT Chinese ( this most frustrates me! ) . They declare that one time Taiwan is independent they will kick all the Chinese Pigs out. The job is that there are people like me who is half Chinese and half Chinese Pig & # 8230 ;

Taiwanese are friendly and nice people. Most people who do non cognize about Chinese may believe that they are merely like those hapless 3rd universe state people who have low instruction rate, and abuse the natural environment. Well, I am here to turn out that Chinese are really sort and considerate. If you of all time come to Taiwan, you will happen that Chinese provides the aliens with excess aid and attention. If you go to a food market shop without cognizing even a Chinese word, you will happen that the Chinese in the shop, even the other clients will all be your assistance to happen the things you want to purchase. Sometimes you will even acquire a price reduction. That & # 8217 ; s why there are more westerners coming to Taiwan for occupations now, or for holiday. Besides, there are far less mental unwellness, alcohol addiction, societal perturbations, and violent offenses in Taiwan comparison to elsewhere.

Religions in Taiwan

Most Chinese on Taiwan are Buddhists. Buddhist temples, shrines, and statues are found all over Taiwan ; in Changhua, there is a 72-foot high statue of Buddha, and in Taichung there is an even taller statue of Milwofwo, the Happy Buddha. The oldest and best-known BUddhist temple in Taipei is Lungshan Temple, which is about 250 old ages old. & # 8220 ; Lung-Shan & # 8221 ; means Dragon Hill ; the temple is ever busy with believers and toursists. Chinese normally do non travel to a group service, but instead travel to the temple separately when they have a desire to make so. In Chinese temples, you will see statues and figurines of other Gods, goddesses and saints, and you will be impressed bye the luxuriant roof carvings of animate beings and human figures. You will see incense being burned and paper money and nutrient offerings being made for the Gods. In add-on to Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism are besides of import doctrines of Taiwan. Chinese are really tolerant about faith, and they see no trouble in sing themselves to be Buddhist, Confucianist, Taoist, and even Christian, all at the same clip! Other Chinese Don & # 8217 ; t concern themselves excessively much with any faith. By and large, it is of import for Chinese to pay regard to older people. Children must esteem parents ; married womans must esteem hubbies ; brothers and sisters must esteem each other. This pattern is called filial piousness, and is portion of the doctrine of Confucius, plus a blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and five thousand old ages of Chinese idea.


Weddings in Taiwan are progressively similar to those in western states. Chinese brides now wear the same sort of marrying gown as the Americans, but the traditional colour of red is still really evident at Chinese nuptialss. Many Chinese delay until they are about 30 old ages old before acquiring married. The adult male frequently will prorogue matrimony until they have completed their schooling, their military service, and are more certain of holding a unafraid occupation.


Funerals in Taiwan may look odd to the westerners. For on thing, white, non black, is the colour that is frequently seen at funerals. Besides, some Chinese perfere to ask for a batch of people to come to the funeral, so the household might sometimes pay people to go to even though they do non cognize the adult male who died. Fortunately, these instances occur less than earlier. Part of the funeral ceremonial includes the combustion of paper money and otherpaper objects, in the belief that the fume will transport the existent object up to heaven for the dead individual to utilize. Families normally burn immense paper house, paper mercedes, paper retainers, paper contraptions for their loved 1s.

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