Take It All Away

7 July 2019

A newcomer to the world of pop music, Ryan Cabrera is in line to become the next big thing. In his debut album “Take It All Away,” he adds a guitar-driven spin to familiar teenage topics. He is a hunky, blond singer/songwriter/guitarist who is sure to sweep girls off their feet with his sweet lyrics and even sweeter voice. Beside his songwriting skills and attractive appearance, Cabrera actually has a lot of talent. He really has a great voice. His randomly placed key changes and some good old-fashioned guitar plucking combine to produce a fresh sound. Cabrera’s single “True” combines romantic lyrics with a gorgeous melody to create a hit. Unlike most pop artists, this CD is packed with multiple potential hits. “Take It All Away” is a fabulous album created by a gifted artist. Compared with other artists in his genre, Cabrera’s acoustic melodies rise far above the competitors’. For those who like fresh, innovative music, this is a brilliant album.

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