Take Me Home by One Direction

10 October 2019

“Take Me Home”? More like Throw Me Out. The second album by popular Brit­ish boy band, One Direction, was met with much anticipation from screaming teenage girls. Sadly, it does not meet the hype.

It doesn’t live up to “Up All Night.” “Take Me Home” is more mechanical. The rhythm is unsophisticated. Simply put, it’s a disappointment.

The album doesn’t take any particular vocal risks, and the boys’ voices are essentially ­interchangeable, with the exception of Zayn Malik, who ­experiences a few breakout ­moments.

As if the one voice for five people isn’t terrible enough, One Direction fuels the fire with ridiculous lyrics. “I can’t compete with your boyfriend/ He’s got 27 tattoos,” Louis Tomlinson croons in “I Would.”

One really can’t blame them for the concepts in the songs. In the world of boy bands, there really isn’t much to sing about, as exemplified in the lyrics of “Kiss You.” “If you don’t want to take it slow/And you just wanna take me home/Baby say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

One Direction sees no reason to get off their merry-go-round of incredibly cheesy, sappy love songs. Why should they? People are buying the album, right?

The horrible fact is that One Direction wants to be taken ­seriously. They hope “Little Things,” an Ed Sheeran collaboration, will do this for them. This is the one song that attempts to diverge from their current path, but unfortunately it falls flat. The lyrics are laughably awkward in the group’s hands.

However, with lines like “You never want to know how much you weigh/You still have to squeeze into your jeans,” it’s hard to take them seriously.

If this is their best attempt at a meaningful song, they should stick with their generic pop.

“Take Me Home” has half-baked ballads that attempt to, but never do, become the new Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. The album, available in normal and yearbook editions, is an absolute waste of a perfectly good hour.

In conclusion, One Direction dug their own grave with this vocally and lyrically lacking sophomore album. It’s a random mix of upbeat songs with a few ballads thrown in. “Take Me Home” is a forgettable mash of nonsensical lyrics that never seem to match their peppy music.

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