Take to the Stars.

1 January 2019

From the beginning, man has traveled. Searching for safety, for family, and for answers. Essentially, I am man, and I dream of traveling where no man has yet traversed. I hope to venture off into the vast reaches of space and find new worlds that I can call safe, new species that I call family, and new questions that need answers.
The vast unknown needs exploring, and I aspire to be there when we begin to map out our universe in greater detail. To reach out and touch other civilizations changing life forever as we know it is wish. New worlds with new rules and mysterious life await, and although space travel is still a primitive technology to humankind, we have received our invitation to meet the rest of the universe. Earth’s flame had only flickered when we set foot on the moon, and now it is our obligation to begin lighting up the darkness.

However, I am not naive. As a man of reason I know that I cannot expect an opportunity as tremendous as this to expose itself out of the blue. So I suppose that, for now, searching for answers would complete my objective. Such an objective will require sacrifice, hard work, and unwavering dedication. I will need an opportunity from humanity before I can attain my ambitious dream. Opportunity’s like this one need to be earned, yet I know that deep within myself that I will feel the ever sweet suspension of weightless space. Without great advancements in space travel, such a goal is an enigmatic cloud to a puzzled ant, always in sight but out of reach nonetheless. To move past this dilemma, we will need to find answers.

Take to the Stars. Essay Example

As simple as it sounds though, finding answers is not an easy task, because for every answer discovered, ten more questions rise from nowhere. Einstein once compared answering questions to an expanding circle. As our knowledge of the universe expands, so does the circle. However, as the circle grows so, so does the circumference continuously giving way to infinite possibilities and questions. With so many new questions asked everyday, answering them is imperative to the advancement of the human race. Reflecting back on what I have said, I suppose it would be appropriate to say that answering questions is not only my general objective, but it is also my duty to mankind. Every solved question will give way to new ones, forever securing a more enlightened future for all of mankind, and possibly for exoplanets across the cosmos.

So unlike many, I look forward to a never ending loop of questions. For with each discovery we might just change the world and find someplace safe where we can be with family and always pursue the answers. With each new question decrypted, our flame is given fuel and our light shines brighter. No more living in the dark.

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