Taking The Initiative Essay Research Paper Taking

7 July 2017

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Taking The Initiative Essay, Research Paper

Taking the Enterprise

One stating that everyone says that all people who are in Fraternities and Sorority & # 8217 ; s imbibe intoxicant and party, but in my experience I have found that non all do. In fact a batch of Greeks take clip out of their busy school agendas to assist out with the community, program non-alcoholic activities, and interact and work with the people involved with Oregon State University, while keeping at that place classs. The Grecian system is a valuable resource in which the Corvallis community should acknowledge and esteem. Without it, the local community would lose out on many opportunities to run into and interact with some of the best people around.

Many people think that Grecian organisations are merely out to party, drink, and mark for the dark. For case, my friends think that since I am in a fraternity that I drink a batch and travel to these immense & # 8220 ; frat & # 8221 ; parties. But in fact I drank more in high school and partied harder than what I do now. As you can see this stereotype is non ever true. Of class this activity may go on, but at the same clip these same cases go on in residence halls and in people & # 8217 ; s places. The Greek community nevertheless, seems to be shunned because of it. This is likely due to the fact that most fraternities and sororities have nice places, they do good in school, and they seem to acquire far in life while still holding merriment. A batch of the general populace might be covetous and covetous. This is non a ground to look down upon the Grecian people. I have seen first manus that a Fraternity can make good without the presence of intoxicant. In my house, Phi Gamma Delta, we have chosen non to hold intoxicant as a portion of our mundane life. We have seen what intoxicant can make to fraternities. About five old ages ago Phi Gamma Delta was closed down due to missing classs and other complications. When we were able to open back up, we decided that it should be alcohol free. This in itself was a large measure for the Greek community and we decided to take it. We have taken the opportunity of non being the most popular or the biggest party house on campus but alternatively turn the image about and demo that the Greek community as a whole can be respected and responsible.

In many houses, philanthropic gifts are a large portion of their lives. Many spend their weekends assisting childs at the local male childs and misss nine, training a hoops squad, or even picking up rubbish on the side of the route. One fraternity for illustration that does this is Sigma Pi. They have a certain portion of main road that they pick up rubbish every twelvemonth. These are non activities that any Grecian member is required to make. This is something they choose to make, both to better themselves as an association and to assist out the public community. Peoples who respect and help the community do be in the Grecian system. Most people hear about how fraternity & # 8217 ; s merely party and drink and they think that is all they do. You can non judge an full working and productive community by merely one bad experience. Not everybody is the typical & # 8220 ; frat boy & # 8221 ; or typical & # 8220 ; sorority girl. & # 8221 ; Of class there is ever a few bad apples here and at that place, but Thursday

ere are bad apples everyplace in this universe.

Fraternities have non wholly given up the & # 8220 ; party scene. & # 8221 ; All houses have these so called & # 8220 ; maps, & # 8221 ; but non all contain intoxicant. Many are dry, which is the term used for non holding alcohol present at the party. This is a great manner to socialise and acquire to cognize people. It allows person to acquire to cognize another individual on a one-on-one footing without being intoxicated. Hellenics have realized this and hold decided to non ever use intoxicant while hosting a societal event. Delta Upsilon fraternity and along with all of the sorority & # 8217 ; s on campus have realized that they excessively do non necessitate intoxicant to hold a good clip. They believe that this is a responsible manner of interacting with people and this is their manner of demoing the community that they do non needfully have to hold intoxicant to hold merriment. In many ways it allows them to be themselves and learn them to step out of their comfort zone and get the better of the normal barriers of shyness.

There are a batch of fraternity work forces and sorority adult females who take an active function on campus. Some work with public functionaries, some are teacher helpers, and others work for the university giving Tourss for possible pupils. Many of these great people live in my house. They are great leaders and have a great influence on the people they meet. They are responsible and respectable immature grownups that work hard for what they do and for what they earn. This is evidently non even shut to the stereotype that a batch of people have about fraternities and sororities. This, to me, is something that everyone should look extremely upon and perchance pattern themselves after. The Greeks are a goodhearted and eager group ready to take on any challenge and put good attempt to it.

Imagine assisting out the community on a regular footing and still acquire good classs. Well on top of everything else, the Greeks & # 8217 ; classs are merely every bit of import as anything that they do. All houses combined have an overall better class point norm than the school as a whole does. It & # 8217 ; s obvious to see what the Grecian system deems as of import and what is necessary to last in the existent universe. Making clip to travel out and assist person and keeping good classs is tough, but for some ground the Greeks cognize how to make this. This merely shows that they can work hard for others every bit good as themselves. Classs are seemingly a large issue in their lives ; therefore they are willing to demur full duty in whatever they do. This is a mark of true dedication and devotedness and should be regarded as such.

These are non the actions of a weak and immature society, but alternatively those of a strong, turning and responsible organisation that is welcome and willing to set forth new attempts to do their communities better. I am proud to state that I am portion of this organisation and I have the best chance to make both what is good and right for myself and the people around me. Peoples should recognize that there is more to fraternities and sororities than they truly think they know. Each house has its qualities and its traits and the common populace should halt and acknowledge this.

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