Talk Radio and Modern Media

4 April 2015
A short history of talk radio with a focus on conservative talk radio hosts of today.

This paper examines the current trend of people listening more frequently to conservative or “right wing” talk shows. It focuses on the shows of three hosts – John Carlson, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh and discusses how they have successfully adapted their conservative radio programs to compete with new forms of media.
“Imagine a view from the early 1920’s; a family huddled together in front of their brand new radio. The children are excitedly waiting for the familiar sounds of The Lone Ranger. Mom and Dad sit back, enjoying not only the family time together, but their moments of quiet relaxation. Eighty years ago this was the image most Americans conjure in their minds when they pictured the early day of radio. Today, radio has changed dramatically. The word radio no longer can describe the genera’s housed under it. We have music radio, with pop, rock, country and jazz. Separate from musical radio is talk radio, which encompassed home and garden tips, health information, and, often, conservative opinion talk radio programs.”
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