Talking is Hard by Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon’s first album which was self titled was one the the greatest pieces of work I have ever heard. Three years ago, I went to see them live for the first time to watch them perform the songs off that album. It was incredible. After that concert, I was hooked on the band, eagerly stalking their social medias to see when their new album “Talking is Hard” would be coming out. In December of 2014, they released it and on that day, I must have spent hours just listening to the new content. Each song was so unique and incredible in it’s own way, I knew that I had to see them play these songs live.
That year, I traveled into New York City to watch them perform. They were even better than I had remembered. The energy of the band members is insane and they are able to get each member of the audience up and dancing to their catchy tunes. Their hit single off the album “Shut Up and Dance” was the song that they closed with, and out of all the performers I have seen, they definitely are the most excited to have the opportunity to perform.
If you have the chance to see Walk the Moon in a venue near you, I would definitely recommend it. Even if you aren’t familiar with the music or lyrics, their alternative-pop catchy beat is sure able to get you hooked.

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