Taming of the Shrew&Shakespeare Analysis Paper Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The sixteenth century drama. Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare and the modern film 10 Thingss I hate about you are analogous to each other in many ways. They have really similar characters names and their behaviours. similar secret plans. and subjects.

The characters are really similar to each other because in Taming of the Shrew. the chief character’s name is Katarina and in 10 Thingss I hate about you the chief character’s name is Katherina. or Kat for short. Katarina and Katherine are both good known as the “shrew” of the secret plan. Both of their households come from a household with nice sum of wealth. This is shown in the film because you can state by the scene of their house that they live in a really big vicinity and in the film. Katharina lives in a Roman Villa about. Although. they have really similar names and live in the same type of environment.

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they are besides viewed negatively by society. Kat from the film is represented as anti-social. flagitious. and really blunt. Katharina from the drama is violent and normally ends up shouting and shouting at people. They both have a bad repute with people of their communities. Following. the tamer of the “shrew” in the drama is Petruccio. while the tamer in the film is named Patrick or Pat. for short.

Katherine and Katarina both have a sister named Bianca. who is good known as outgoing and popular. The dad’s of the “shrews” from the film and the drama are besides really much alike. Walter. the pa from the film does non let Bianca to day of the month until her older sister Kat day of the months. In the drama. the pa. Baptista. wants Katharina to get married first before Bianca does. which is a household tradition to them. In the drama. Lucentio is the male child who finds Petruccio to chasten Katharina. so that he is able to get married her younger sister. Bianca. While in the film Joey is the male child who is trying to day of the month Bianca. but can’t. because of her father’s regulation. In the film. Cameron is the male child who tries to day of the month Bianca every bit good.

The drama and film have the exact same secret plan. The secret plan would be that Bianca is non allowed to date/marry until her older sister Katharina/Kat dates or marry foremost. Which is either a household tradition or a regulation set up by their male parent. which must be obeyed.

Since the drama and film have a similar secret plan. the subjects are similar as good. One similar subject they have is camouflage. For illustration. in the film when Cameron pretends to cognize Gallic merely to tutor Bianca to acquire to cognize her better. And once more in the film when. Patrick pretends to wish Kat because he gets paid for it. In the drama. Lucentio disguises himself as Cambio and pretends he knows how to talk French. Another subject would be how a male dominate society are able to chasten the adult females. which is done in both of the drama and film because at the terminal of the narratives. both Kat’s end up being tamed. Kat from the film eventually discovers that Pat truly does love her and they end up dating. while in the drama. Katharina becomes an obedient married woman.

There are really few necessary differences between the film and the drama to suit the different clip periods. In 10 Thingss I hate about you. there are adequate difference to suit modern society. for illustration. the film ends with Kat and Pat dating because they would be excessively immature to acquire married in today’s society. Another difference is that Petruccio and Pat “tame” the Kat from the drama and film in different ways. Petruccio in the drama is really disrespectful toward Katharina because he ends up hungering her and striping her of slumber. Pat from the film does the entire antonym ; he loves her and is ever nice to her in order to win her bosom. Although. both of their “taming” method’s worked. Petruccio’s manner of chastening Katharina would non be acceptable in today’s society. so that is why they are different.

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