Target High Risk Areas For Medication Errors

7 July 2017

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Target High Risk Areas For Medication Errors
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Target High Risk Areas for Medication Mistakes

Medicine mistakes are among the biggest issues in wellness attention scenes today. The consequence of managed attention is one of the causative factors. The demand to incorporate costs has constantly doubled the nurses & # 8217 ; work load doing them less efficient as health professionals. Example of job is the high incidence of medicine mistakes. Nurses & # 8217 ; work load has increased enormously irrespective of the fact that most of these patients are of great sharp-sightedness, thereby predisposing them to a greater hazard of medicine mistakes.

Medicine giving include five basic rights: Right patient, Right medicine, Right path, Right dosage, and Right clip. Contrary to the above is medication mistakes. Most medication mistakes reported involve patient allergic reactions, insulin disposal, Lipo-Hepin, opiates, patient controlled analgesia and K dressed ores. Most mistakes with PCA devices are with rate, misprogrammed dosage, incorrect concentration and device malfunction mistakes. However, deficiency of basic cognition and hapless public presentation have besides caused these mistakes.

Another country of great concern with medicine mistake is order written text. Poor

Transcription or orders have resulted in incorrect information passed on to a patient

Whether n a discharge or as an in patient. Clarification in the instance of uncertainty is a arm

against order written text mistake. Most nurses have hapless concentration due to the sum

of their work burden that they could barely name back the physician to clear up either the order

clearly written or an illegible order, so geting to their ain premise.

Administering m

edication subsequently than specified clip ordered or missed medicine

is an country of issue. Some preventives given before or after harmonizing to specified order

are lifeguards. When a patient is scheduled for a surgery, contraceptive decoagulant is

administered to forestall coagulums and possibly continues post-op. If such a patient is non given

his/her medicine as ordered he could interrupt a coagulum ensuing to intercalation.

Incorrect patient history has resulted to medicine mistakes. It is obvious that

nurses & # 8217 ; workload permits them with a limited clip that a complete or basic issue in

patient history is neglected ensuing to a serious wellness crisis or of all time decease and cases.

Poor certification is among the biggest issue with nurses. It has been said, & # 8221 ; if

you don & # 8217 ; t chart is you didn & # 8217 ; t make it & # 8221 ; . Documenting decently bails you from a case. Most

nurses are rather busy particularly with another patient of a high sharp-sightedness and hold no clip to

see the other patient often as suppose or may non even been in the room for hours. A

patient may decease between this clip, yet the nurse may document that patient was resting

softly. Besides is the demand in documenting why a medicine or attention is non given to a

patient at the scheduled clip.

While the work load issues with nurses are increasing, it is still nurses

Duty to be accountable for their actions.


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