Tartuffe Reaction Paper

Tartuffe shows just how a person can be deceived or plotted against. We all tend to adapt to friends or take people in without knowing the true characters of that person.

It pays to analyze and get to know a person before giving all of your trust and belief in them. Most of the plays we have read always give life lessons. This play teaches readers to not put your trust in everyone. Get to know a person better and understand what they are about before you call them a friend and tell them your while life story. In this play Tartuffe portrays to be a very holy person by over exasperating his religion persona.

Tartuffe uses his outward acts of religion to make it seem as though he is so “HOLY”. Moliere created two characters that were footed or tricked by Tartuffe. Madam Parnell and Orgon are blinded by the will and charm of Tartuffe that they install so much trust and value in this one man.

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Even when people tried to warn them, Madame Parnell and Orgon couldn’t see the flaws of the main character. He was able to persuade the thought of the two characters and persuade them that he was is something that he was not.

No matter how much family tells them that Tartuffe is evil, a gossipier, and has demonic spirit, it still remains that they see him as an angel. It makes me think about when you’re looking for something and come to find out it is right there in front of you the whole time- if it was a snake it would have bitten you. I like how Tartuffe character is later revealed. This proves that no matter what is done in the dark the truth will always come to the light. It is great how Moliere takes the story and put a twist on it by making a happy ending.

When I first started reading the play, I thought Tartuffe would end up destroying all. In the end Tartuffe is revealed and punished for his foolishness and trickery. That proves to Tartuffe that what goes around, always comes around. I have learned from previous friendships that I cannot always trust everyone to know every single thing about me. I once had a friend that I would tell everything to; we were close for a couple of years.

Throughout those years even her mom would tell my mom that she would lie about where she would be or what she was doing. So my mom would always tell me to watch out for her and that she wasn’t the friend that she claimed to be. After getting into an argument with her over social networking, I found out that she was not the friend I thought she was. She revealed all my business on the internet and half was even lies. Friendships for me now are harder to trust and I only can gain trust in someone after a long period of time.

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