Taylor Swift –

7 July 2019

Taylor Swift has once again reached the hearts and souls of teenagers everywhere with her new compilation of pop melodies and catchy tunes.

The title “Speak Now” is fitting, not just because it is the name of one of the singles, but it also stands for the new, more mature themes that Swift is endorsing in her third studio album.

Taylor Swift – Essay Example

“Speak Now” differs from her other two (“Taylor Swift,” “Fearless”) in that it explores a more honest and soulful side of the country-pop singer, calling out those who have hurt her in the past (as the title implies), and experimenting with new elements and sounds. Swift also delivers an array of sophisticated lyrics, demonstrating again her impeccable talents in songwriting.

The album includes 14 witty and infectious tunes that complement each other in their uniqueness and mesh together to create a perfect harmony. They range from traditional pop ballads to twists of soulful blues and country influence.

The first single is “Mine” that follows a couple from their first meeting to spending their lives together. It has an infectious melody and a chorus that is sure to make everyone sing along. “Speak Now” is an artistic illustration of a wedding interrupted, a unique facet to this gem of an album.

From the bluesy “Dear John,” to “Mean,” a catchy pop-country crossover with a contagious melody, the album clearly shows Swift maturing. “Sparks Fly,” another catchy melody with an infectious chorus, “Enchanted,” a beautifully mature and elegant piece, and the powerful “Haunted,” all display the transformation she has undergone as a musician and lyricist, finding her sound and truly coming into her own.

The CD itself was carefully put together, with the cover depicting Swift in a purple gown, and the title embossed in elegant cursive. The lyric book is filled with photos of Swift re-creating scenes from the songs. It ends with a photo of her with her band.

“Speak Now” is a powerful melting pot of simple pop ballads, elegant melodies, and passionate tunes that is sure to appeal to all ages and musical preferences. Swift’s new exploration of original themes, melodies, and lyrics deserves five stars.

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