Taylor Swift and her Music by Taylor Swiftl

12 December 2019

Taylor Swift and her Music

Taylor Swift’s album “Speak Now”, is not the newest, but one of her best albums in my opinion. It is a perfect mixture of country and pop, and one of my personal favorite CDs.

Taylor Swift and her Music by Taylor Swiftl Essay Example

The track “Speak Now” is not one of Swift’s most popular, like “We Are Never Getting Back Together”, but it is a well written song. It does not reflect on many people’s experiences, but it does take a deeper look in the pain of wanting someone to take notice in you.

Throughout the CD, Taylor reflects on many teenager’s circumstances of being “Enchanted” (one of her songs) with somebody. Also, Swift recognizes that not all endings are happy ones.

“Mean”, one of her popular songs on that album, shows that she is a sassy, independent, and triumphant girl that will be dealt with respect. Swift is not afraid to be who she wants to be. Although, “Dear John”, a slow song, lacks the funky individuality of her other songs. It is just another sad break-up song.

Altogether, “Speak Now” is a fresh, hip new country/pop album. I would give it 4/5 stars.

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