Taylor Swift- Fearless

9 September 2019

Taylor Swift’s sophomore album is AWESOME!!!!!! She kicks off the album with the heart grabbing song “Fearless,” which has some wonderful power behind it. Most of these songs have some type of powerful beat to them; whether noticeable or not, the power’s there. The track set up on the C.D. is great too. First a fast song is played and then a slow one. Even her chart topping hits “Love Story” and “White Horse” are on this album. Even though she’s a country singer, her songs still have a main stream flavor to them which is a plus for people out there who aren’t really big fans of country music. These type of songs include “You Belong with Me,” “The Way I Loved You,” “Forever and Always,” “Change,” and “Tell Me Why.” If your into more of the country beat, you might like “The Best Day” and “Hey Stephen.” She offers up some slower songs like “Fifteen,” “Breathe,” and “You’re not Sorry.” Bottom line: this is a great C.D. for just about anybody! Enjoy!

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