Taylor Swift “Stay Beautiful”

9 September 2019

I have chose to write about Taylor Swift’s song called “Stay Beautiful”.This is a song that Taylor Swift wrote about a boy named Cory. In this song she is just saying to him stay exactly as you are because you are as close to perfect as you can ever get. But, she’s not begging for him to be with her. She is saying, have a really nice life and if we don’t end up together like I would like us to be, stay just like you are and have a really nice life because you deserve it. I think that It is really good that she wrote this song because it says to girls, don’t beg a guy to be with you. She is saying if we are meant to be, we will. And if we aren’t meant to be then we won’t end up together. I like her lyric that says, “If you and I are a story that never gets told, at least you’ll know, you’re beautiful, every little piece, love, and don’t you know you’re really going to be someone, ask anyone…” I like this lyric because she is saying if we don’t end up together at least you aware that you have initiative and you will definitely make it through life. Another lyric that I like is similar and it says, “If you and I are a daydream, I never get to hold, at least you’ll know…” I like that line for the same reason as above. I also like this song because she is saying that she isn’t going to waste all of her time trying to get this guy because if they weren’t meant to be then they weren’t meant to be.

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