Taylor Swift – “Taylor Swift”

1 January 2020

Over a year ago, Taylor Swift came out with this self-titled debut album. Although new to the country music industry, she has become a favorite of many young fans. This singer/ songwriter’s 11-song CD topped the charts when it first debuted. Since then she has become a hit around the country and her CD has touched many teen girls. All of the songs on this CD are well-written and catchy. It is also impressive that she writes or cowrites all her songs. Her most popular song, “Tim McGraw,” really elevated her to celebrity status. Some other good tracks are “Picture to Burn,” “Teardrops on My Guitar,” “Stay Beautiful,” and “Our Song.” All her songs are extremely appealing and contain emotions, thoughts, and experiences an average American girl can relate to. Her genuine nature and honesty are apparent in her lyrics, along with her musical talent. Taylor writes true-to-life songs that enable almost anyone to make a connection with her words. Her beautiful voice is captivating and allows you to feel her emotion. She writes songs that could be the story of any girl’s life. There are many things that are unique about Taylor Swift. She is an 18-year-old country singer/songwriter, which means she can relate and appeal to young fans across America. She is also special because she is liked and known by many who are not even country fans. This is a major difference since rarely do non-country music fans enjoy a country artist. She obviously has the voice and the music to appeal to all types of music lovers. Taylor Swift brings a new face to the country music industry, encouraging new fans. Taylor appears to be an incredibly down-to-earth and focused young woman. When listening to her, you actually feel you know her. She is like the girl next door, only a successful country music artist. We need people and CDs like “Taylor Swift” to refresh our souls with music from the heart. Once you start listening, you will never want to stop.

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