Taylor Swift!<3 by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has impacted many people’s lives by her music. She once wrote in the book ‘I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets’ that everybody reads her diary. She is an inspiring young lady, who has received many awards for her song writing and singing and even music videos.
This year Taylor Swift earned the MTV Music Video Award for her music video for the song You Belong With Me. At the Grammy’s, she also won Album of the Year for her album Fearless. She was also nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the song You Belong With Me. Unfortunately she was beat out by Beyonce’s song Halo.
Taylor Swift was also nominated for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for the song Breathe, with Colbie Caillat. She was also nominated for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her performance of White Horse, for which she won the Grammy.
Taylor Swift’s music can be described as uplifting pop country. Her music describes young girls and their everyday lives. For example, her song Teardrops On My Guitar, shows how teenage girls are afraid to lose a guy friend because they have feelings for them and they don’t want those feelings to be known. And sometimes this can cause the guy to become unaware of her feelings. Another example is that her song You Belong With Me, talks about how one of her guy friends deserves a better girl who will appreciate him for who he is.
One last example is her song Fifteen, it tells the story of her high school career and how she and her best friend Abigail made a lot of mistakes while at school. This song can help teenage girls from making the same mistakes.

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