TCP/IP Networks: Performance Improvement Issues

4 April 2015
Discusses the various methods of controlling network congestion in the Internet.

This paper discusses some of the advancements implemented in networking protocol in order to reduce network congestion and improve speed. It also includes a discussion of RED, an active queue management protocol that is widely implemented in the Internet.
“Further research should be carried out to improve RED. In fact, a lot research is currently going on in order to make RED adaptive to network flows. Due to the random nature of RED, there are certain times when the algorithm drops packets especially if the network has observed congestion. Packet loss should be minimized for two important reasons. One to improve network performance and two, to save the resources that are wasted once a packet is dropped enroute to its destination. Increasing queue size, reducing packet processing delays at the router are one of the methods of improving overall network performance.”
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