Teacher Cadet

6 June 2016

Ever since I was younger, I possessed unique individual qualities. I was always the girl in class who always reminded the teacher about homework, the one who never missed an assignment, and the one who always made the honor roll. In fact, I never settled for mediocre because I knew one day it will pay off.

Throughout my educational career, I’ve learned that being yourself is the key to becoming successful. The world is filled with people attempting to duplicate someone which is why I’ve always pushed myself to be unique. I devote much time in expressing my individual capabilities. Whether it’s singing on the choir or going more in depth into my spirituality; I always leave room for me. I am a firm believer in devoting my time to my individualism. When a person knows there inner-self and can come to turns with their problems, it shows a high level of maturity.

Teacher Cadet Essay Example

For me, learning is the foundation for education. And without education there is just nothing to rely on. There is not a day that passes that I do not learn something new. Surrounding myself around a diverse group of people has a lot to do with as well. Over the past years, I have learned to value my diversity and how it affects my everyday life. For example, since enrolling in Teacher Cadet, I have learned so much about myself and peers that I probably would have never known until now. I’ve also learned priceless values that helped shape me into the person I am today.

In most cases, we do not consider that learning is necessary to move forward in life. Honestly, learning is my passion as a young adult. There is so much in the world that I am not aware of. So when someone enlightens me on unfamiliar topics, I immediately become intrigued and interested. In actuality, I enjoy learning new things from leaders and teachers who want to see me succeed in life. Leadership is attained by mutual cooperation between multiple parties.

Usually, people who follow need inspiration so they will be able to eventually model the person’s behavior. Leading is not an easy task. It takes much patience, diligence and effort to fully lead a crowd of people. Throughout my day, I take the challenge as being the leader in many different things. For one, I am a squad leader in JROTC. That is a huge responsibility when you are in control of a lot of individuals. I believe responsibility and leadership are closely related because you cannot have one without the other. In my short career, I have accomplished many things. I’ve been nominated for national society of high school scholars and received an invitation to the People to People.

Leadership Symposium. Without perseverance, I would not have been able to accomplish these things. I always strive to be the best and to the best. I love going the extra mile in everything I do. Many people do not enjoy volunteering in the community. Well, I love to volunteer my quality time to organizations in need. Being JROTC has sculpted me into a volunteer worker that actually enjoy helping people. You will be surprised the amount of help many organizations request.

On many occasions, I’ve volunteered at the Crisis Ministry of Charlotte. Assisting with folding, unpacking and stocking shelves were some of the few things I did. It was an amazing experience. I met a lot of people who were welcoming and assisted me with anything I needed. Ultimately, I enjoy being myself. It’s what I do best.

My success is not measured on how perfect I am but what I obtain in life. Although, I fall short of my goals every day, I still manage to keep going. There’s nothing worse than a person giving up on something they really want. When I decide to give up, there’s always that voice in the back of my head that says “Tytiana, Keep on keeping on.” And of course I have no choice but to listen. Being a leader and a learner has changed my entire outlook and attitude toward life.

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