Teacher code of ethics

8 August 2016

Responsibilities to Students The professional educator will: Have up to date knowledge of the subject matter Make sure all students are on the same page Discuss current events (if age appropriate) and teach life lessons from it. Have a positive attitude toward the subject matter even if they are not personally interested in the subject. Be willing to stay with students after school to help them when they are struggling. Responsibilities to Families The professional educator will: Make sure the child is safe at school

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Have parent teacher conferences to let parents know how their child is doing. Tell parents about both good and bad behavior Encourage parents to get involved with their child’s homework. Give the child the best possible education. Responsibilities to the community The professional educator will: Involve the community in school activities Help students to apply what they have learned to real life experiences Have a career day for students to invite their families to come talk about their career.

Responsibilities to colleagues The professional educator will: Be respectful Try your best to get along with everyone If there is a problem with another colleague try to talk to them about it and work it out. Offer advice to teachers that have a problem you have dealt with before. Keep personal information outside of school Responsibilities to administrators The professional educator will: Always show respect Offer to help in any way possible

Keep an open line of communication Report any behavior that is against the rules to the administration Not undermine their authority Responsibilities to the profession The professional educator will: Always dress and act professionally Only try to accomplish what they are trained for See to it that every child had the best possible education Always be patient with the children you are teaching Be willing to be a friend to anyone (both children and adults) in need

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