Teacher Interview

7 July 2016

What degrees do you have and why did you choose to teach? Mrs. Henry received her bachelor’s degree from Hampton University in 1986. Under the supervision of her old high school she was able to assist the elementary, preferably kindergarten through the six grades. That was where her journey began even though her math teacher wanted her to pursue a career in engineering . However, with the asking love that she had for her young students was overwhelming she could not turn from her goal of becoming a teacher. What motivates you to keep teaching? What motivates Mr.

Henry to keep teaching is the need for dedicated teachers to fill the void of educating the future generation with the gratification that she received through her accomplishments and positive repertoire with students and their parents. Teaching them the value of self-worth that promotes the love of learning and receiving higher levels of education. She also said that these young people are not only her students, but also an iatrical part of her school family. Over the years they gathered for several reunions in which she was introduced to their families. What has been your worst teaching moment?

Teacher Interview Essay Example

One of her worst teaching moments came recently in her 28th years of teaching. When a student disrespected her by an outburst of profanity. She disregarded class rules, respect for herself and peers. She rant and raved about her pleas to turn in all completed assignments despite her blatant disrespect toward Mrs. Henry. Although, she disrespected Mrs. Henry on numerous occasions she still treated her with dignity and respect. This was done to show her that the’re other ways of expressing one’s anger. She was then promoted to the middle school and to Mrs. Henry surprised she returned to her class with an enthusiastic hug and apology.

She told her that she spent the summer thinking about what she had done, and mostly about how Mr. Henry treated her with love and respect. What has been your best teaching moment? Mrs. Henry best teaching moment is that “oh ho” moment when the student finally understands a skill being taught. This was received with excitement on their face exclaiming that Mrs. Henry makes teaching fun. What do you wish you had known before you started teaching? Ms. Henry wishes she had known she didn’t need all of those theory classes in college. What would you say your biggest challenges were as a first-year teacher?

The biggest challenge Mrs. Henry had as a first year teacher was establishing class rules and assuring herself to the students, because she came in after the school year had begun. And, her first day on the job as a government shut down where all employees were on strike. This was a major struggle for Mrs. Henry because she found it very difficult building relationships with her employees that considered her to be a ( Scap) meaning not showing the commitment of striking. However throughout the years they became best of friends. If you had one piece of advice for an entry year teacher, what would it be?

One piece of advice she would give to a first year teacher would be, that the teaching profession enables love to positively change and mold lives. Lifelong relationships can foster through and embrace each child to become successful members of our modern society. And, it’s definitely not a get rich profession . If you had it to do all over again, what would you change? If she could do it all over again she would like to change the minds of high level officials, community members, and anyone who takes advantage of our youths,by not providing them with the necessary materials, technological equipment, and proper facilities.

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