Teacher's Inspiration

My desk rattles. My chest heaves. I struggle to catch a breath. Concerned glazes from

my fellow classmates dance around me, inquiring why I am splitting my sides at Dr. Persin’s corny,

hackneyed joke. I regain my sanity, re-sync my breathing and smile as we begin today’s AP

Physics class. No, it’s not just his notorious catch phrases, eclectic attire, his manuerisms, corny

jokes, or savvy intelligence. It’s the blending of his eccentricity and his brilliance that allows

students to excel in an enjoyble atmosphere. Dr. Persin informed me about the natural world,

taught me valuable life lessons, and golly, someone that shares my qwerky humor? We bonded like

the positive and negative poles of magnets.

Magnets, circuits, trajectory motion. Indeed: a difficult class. However, Dr. Persin

broke it down into simpler matter. He presented tangible models and explained

concepts thoroughly. I struggled with mirrors and lenses until he pulled out the giant mirror and

my cloud of confusion drifted away. He provided us with weekly, hands-on lab activities where we recieved insight towards the subject matter, gained useful experience of

working with scientific equipment, and collaborated in a groups. AP Physics taught me

time management and organizational skills with weekly note checks. Finally, this class granted me

insight to how a college class will be. Homework was due weekly and tests were heavily weighted.

Though a challenging cirriculum of advanced physics topics, I was blessed to have a teacher that

creatively presented such knowledge. He has positively influenced me academically and

enstilled in me irreplaceable wordly skills. I proudly imPERSINate his qualities.

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