Teaching assistant

8 August 2016

Independent learning skills are essential in the preparation for life. Independent learning skills promote pupils ability in reviewing, recording and reflecting on their learning. It also encourages independence in problem solving, decision making and organisation. To promote independence the teaching assistant should set the children tasks to complete without adult intervention. A whole school approach to the independence of learning skill could be considered to build and support ICT skills.

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A consistent approach to skills development and provide clear and consistent expectation of learners could also contribute. children can be supported in developing independent information handling skills through the use of a range of teacher prepared aids for example; Aide memories could be created by the teaching assistant to help pupils remember processes I. E. how to save a piece of work. Illustrated help sheets could be made available to support specific software or processes. When prompts are displayed on the screen the teaching assistant should encourage the pupil to carry out the instructions.

For searching the internet; an activity could be carried out with the class whereby the class come up with a list of suitable search terms, having entered the each terms, the teacher and groups compare the results of the search returns from the different search strings. To encourage independence in the development of ICT skills the teaching assistant will need to select and use appropriate learning packages, access information and follow instructions, skill might include. Shutting down use of appropriate software packages accessing and using learning programmes accessing information files/CD roms/internet using electronic communication I. E. e-mails, fax and video conferencing. The teaching assistant can support the culture of independent learning in the pupil by; providing an appropriate level of assistant to enable pupils to experience a sense of achievement. Maintaining self-confidence and encourage self help skill in the use of ICT having the ability to operate ICT equipment safely using ICT equipment effectively as a learning resource.

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