Teaching Expository Writing Using Multiple Intelligence Theory

This paper details methods used in teaching expository writing, and then gives an overview of multiple intelligence theory. Uses buzzwords like empower and geared to specific intelligences.

This paper explores the different methods of teaching expository writing at a secondary school level. The topics covered are: Different theories of teaching expository writing; different methods used to teach expository writing; the use of multiple intelligence theory as a framework for diverse teaching of writing; and the application of multiple intelligence theory in the classroom.
“Information literacy in the form of classes on information management and retrieval precede any actual writing in composition classes at some schools (Farmer & Mech, 1992). Behaviorist approaches, such as the one advocated by Kanellas, Carifio, and Dagostino (1998), require the teacher to break the tasks involved in expository writing into small teaching units that will ultimately lead to an acceptable paper. Chomsky (1985) sees poor writing as evidence of an inability of the student to develop his own knowledge, as do teachers of writing from middle school to college.

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