Teaching Special Education Students

4 April 2015
An examination of simple adjustments which can be done to a classroom to accommodate special-needs students.

This paper presents a practical guide to teachers who may consider teaching special needs children in the same classroom as regular students. It further examines different kinds of disabilities and how to deal with them. These include children with ADD, blind, deaf, motor impaired and manic depression. The paper explains that it is a growing trend to try and mainstream special education needs children as early as possible.
“In the classroom, teachers are primarily responsible for ensuring that special education students are provided with equal opportunities for education. While instructors should not lower academic standards in the classroom, they should make every effort to make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. By making simple adjustments, such as allowing students to record lectures or changing the format of a test, teachers can make sure that special education students do not have academic or social disadvantages.”

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