Team work is important in school for the school to run smoothly and for the curriculum and lessons to be delivered. This means that all the staff have to work as a team from the Head teacher to TA’s to the office staff to dinner supervisors. This allows all individuals within the staff to achieve their goals and effectively support the children.

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For example if the teacher needs photo copying doing it would mean she had to leave the class and leave the children unsupervised but as a team she asks the TA to take it to the office and ask them to do it, the office staff take the work and photo copy it allowing the TA to swiftly return to class to support the teacher, the office staff then bring the photo copies when they are done so that the learning experience of the children is not hindered and the children’s safety is not compromised by the teacher leaving the room. The purpose and objectives of the team in which I work is to deliver the national curriculum to the children and promote the children’s intellectual, emotional and social development.

The class teacher creates lesson plans and delivers lessons based around the curriculum, marks work and delegates work and jobs to the TA who supports the teacher by carrying out requested jobs such as getting out equipment. As a volunteer TA I work under the direction of the teacher carrying out work that the teacher delegates to me, for example those children who need extra support are given it at the appropriate time due to the fact the class teacher has briefed me before the lesson outlining in brief what is happening and what she would like the me to achieve with certain individuals, it is then my responsibility to achieve this goal with the children I am working with and report back to my class teacher as to how the children have done and if there were any areas for concern or follow up work.

It is the role of the lunch time supervisors

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to oversee the children during their lunch and when they are out at play, reporting to the class teacher at the end of lunch break any problems or accidents that may have accord during the lunch time break so that the teacher can deal with these in an appropriate manner.

The role and responsibility of the teacher is to deliver the curriculum in lessons that the teacher plans so that the children learn and progress in the manner that they are expected to during the year, utilising the school resources and the TAs that are available to give the children varied and rewarding learning experiences. It is important to respect the skills and experiences of other practitioners in order to create a good working environment it is also very important for myself as the practitioners in my school have been doing this a lot longer than me and have expertise and qualifications that I do not so it is of great use to be able to speak with them in regards to topics and situations that I have not encountered before and be able to gain knowledge and valuable advice from them. In showing them respect and acknowledging their skills it will also mean that they are more likely to respect me and take note of any suggestions or ideas I may make in regards to activities and situations I may have been in before facilitating team work and showing the children good examples of how people interact in the right way.

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