Teamwork in Hospitality Industry

Food preparation and cooking the wide variety of food involves using a broad range of equipments and tools and need to produce orders to consistently high standard and understanding that quality control is important Cleanliness and hygiene requires through thorough training in order to maintain the standards. Variety of cleaning utensils and chemical cleaning products along with the correct protective equipments need to be learned. There’s a lot more variety in the role of a Crew Member than you might think. Being a Crew Members all about teamwork.You’ll be part of a team of people working together to ensure that the restaurant runs smoothly. ” [ (McDonalds, 2011) ] * Work Experience- “The key responsibilities are to work with other team member at the restaurant to gain their experience for 10 days, meet new people and experience life in a real workplace.

. People have to show enthusiasm, dedication and professional attitude and will be completed over 10 day. Some of work experience candidates have the opportunity to gain permanent employment with McDonald’s but for others this placement helps to build skills and strengthen their CV’s. (McDonalds, 2011) * Apprentice-“ The key responsibilities are hospitality, hygiene and health and safety. You earn a wage, at the same time as gaining valuable skills and a nationally recognised qualification. Under the supervision of a Crew Trainer, you will be expected to gradually adopt more of the day to day responsibilities of restaurant life. These include hospitality, hygiene and health and safety.

” (McDonalds, 2011) * Work trials –“ Responsibilities are to understand the importance of maintaining high standard of quality as well as cleanliness and hygiene.During work trials person need to be confident in approaching and dealing with diverse groups of peoples and must be friendly, courteous, and helpful and demonstrate effective communication skills. ” (McDonalds, 2011) * Crew trainer- “The responsibilities are to train Crew Members on the job, teaching them everything they need to know to work effectively as part of the team. You’ll also support colleagues who are taking their Apprenticeship. It will be your role to assess their skills and offer them extra help with any tasks they have problems with and supervise a team of crew and Apprentices, helping them to complete their training.You’ll also lend support to the management team, ensuring your restaurant has an excellent standard of training. ” (McDonalds, 2011) * Shift Manager-“ Shift manger have the responsibility for the whole restaurant during the shift.

Person should be alert and make sure that everyone is working efficiently as a team and need to talk to customers as a representative of restaurant, helping them with any question they may leave. Person should have keen eye on all areas of restaurant to make sure that restaurant is running smoothly and customers enjoy their visit. ” (McDonalds, 2011) Trainee Business Manger- “Person is responsible for wide range of activities include managing shifts, restaurant security, inventories, stock control, training and customer service. A Trainee Business Manager works as part of the restaurant management team to ensure the efficient running of the restaurant. ” (McDonalds, 2011) * Second assistant manager and first assistant manager- “The key responsibilities have a a hands-on role in running the restaurant; you’ll be involved in customer service, responsible for crew motivation and helping Shift Managers to meet their targets.You’ll support the Business Manager in running the business; ordering products, managing the accounts, coordinating deliveries and writing employee performance reviews. You’ll work as part of the restaurant management team to ensure the efficient running of the restaurant.

You’ll help Crew Members with their training as well as completing the Management Development Programme yourself. ” (McDonalds, 2011) * Business Manager- “Person is having the responsibility for making all of the major decisions associated with running the restaurant, from recruitment to energy efficiency.You’ll also work at building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the local community. A Business Manager is in charge of the running of the restaurant. You will provide motivational leadership to the restaurant team, ensure customers leave satisfied, and make sure that the business is financially strong. ” (McDonalds, 2011) * Operations consultant- “Responsibility is to ensure the success and good reputation of a large group of restaurants. You’ll need to recognise and reward the success of McDonald’s crew and management.

Building strong business relationships with restaurant management teams. Operations Consultants provide leadership for teams of Business Managers. You’ll offer coaching, direction and support to those running the restaurants. ” (McDonalds, 2011) * Franchisee consultant- “The person needs to support several franchisees, offering business advice through restaurant visits. You’ll also assess the performance of their businesses. Franchisee Consultants work alongside our Franchisees and offer advice and guidance, supporting them in the running of their businesses” (McDonalds, 2011) McDonalds Cook Job – “Being a cook at McDonalds requires no formal training but applicants must know the basics of cleaning and preparing the food areas, the utensils, and various cooking surfaces. Aside from cooking the food, cooks are also expected to properly package all the batches of food that they have prepared, such as; hamburgers, French fries and chicken nuggets, and also keep them warm until the food is sold.

Extra responsibilities include maintaining sanitation and safety standards in the work area.

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