Technical Communication Methods

12 December 2017

This is the perfect communication tool that we have because It Is connected to other agencies as well.

If a suspect decided to run to another state, an officer from a different state would know the suspects offenses because of the MID. An MID Is very helpful because It can let an officer know If there is a missing person and where was the last place seen all due to the MID it is in real time. In Miami, FL the officers carry a mobile data for instant identification. This vise helps them when a suspect may not have any type of identification on them.It helps as well because they are able to identify someone without having to drive all the way to station and back. The devise also helps out when there is a dead suspect the officers can use their devise and identify the person before forensics get to the scene.

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When the devise first came out everyone was thinking that it would not work because It Is mobile and it would not work but when put to the test it passed.

The officers first got a print they put it on the mobile devise got a hit and then put the rind again on a computer with the same data base and It had gotten the same hit.Due to this the officers began using It and being able to see that It Is really helpful when you are out on the field. This might be something that other states might be looking into since they are able to carry it with them and are able to see their criminal history. Automated License Plate Readers Law enforcement officers are often searching for vehicles that have been reported stolen, are suspected of being involved in criminal or terrorist activities, are owned by errors who are wanted by authorities, have failed to pay parking violations or maintain current vehicle license registration, and any of a number of other factors.Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are increasingly adopting automated license plate recognition technologies, which function to automatically capture an Image of the vehicle’s license plate, transform that image Into alphanumeric characters, compare the plate number acquired to one or more databases of vehicles of Interest, and alert the officer when a vehicle of Interest has en observed, all within a matter of seconds. Officers no longer need to mobile data terminals, in order for the plate to be checked against various criminal databases.Key Benefits for Law Enforcement: Mounted on patrol cars or stationary objects like bridges, they snap photos of every passing car, recording their plate numbers, times, and locations.

Increasing the recovery of unpaid fines, number of stolen vehicle and stolen license plates recoveries, number of arrests, and officer safety. Automated license plate reader systems are able to capture up to 1,800 plates ere minute at speeds up to 120-160 miles per hour. The equipment range in cost from $10,000 – $22,000, depending on the manufacturer and the specific configuration specified.Law enforcement agencies throughout the United States are increasingly implementing automated license plate reader. Larger agencies are more likely to have implemented automated license plate reader than smaller agencies, most likely the result of the costs of the technology and the relative sizes of the jurisdictions. MR. Scanner MR.

brain scanners will be a must have when having to communicate or even interrogate people. By using a MR. on the brain will show a picture of the entire brain and what is being active while in the in the interview or interrogation.This can be very useful when making sure that the right information is being passed. MR. can see what parts of the brain are being used in normal settings and then while the interview is going on. This way the analyst can tell the differences in weather they are being given false information or even what kind of feeling are going in on in the persons head during the interview.

The scan help show what parts of the brain are activating thus showing if the subject if lying. By doing this will save time in making sure the right information is being gathered.The brain has different reactions that can be picked up in a MR. scan that let analyst if the person is nervous, angry or even afraid of the questions being asked. Using the MR. scanner can be used with other kind of technology that law enforcement is using for dealing with interview or interrogations. When in interrogations when the suspect is being difficult there is a good chance of being able to get the truth from them.

This can also help with the aid in hiring into the departments or even in internal investigations.This would be a useful too that would be helpful for law enforcement. Conclusion Through our teams research we have showed a few different types of communication methods in the law enforcement field, and how they are used in the daily routine of an enforcement official. As for another question we were asked about what future technologies might be available? Well honestly as we discussed this as a team we came to the conclusion that as society grows and crimes become more advanced so just law enforcement.

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