Technological Advances in Health Care and Human Services Essay Sample

There are several advantages or benefits that engineering provided for the Health Care and Human Services. Let’s take for case this engineering known as β€œElectronic Medical Record” which is really advantageous because:

First of all. there are times when electronic medical records are available online. this means entree to it anytime you need it and anyplace you want it claimed ( About. . . 2007 ) .

Second. it is much more convenient to redact and update electronic medical records as compared with making it manually ( About. . . 2007 ) .

Finally. it is much more easy to seek it through the computing machine than by shoping through all the booklets in all the registering cabinets of a Health Care and Human Services establishment ( About. . . 2007 ) .

However. this peculiar engineering being discussed has besides created some disadvantages and troubles including the followers:

First of all. a proficient job may convey about trouble of clinical forces to be able to entree patient information at any given topographic point or scene ( The. . . 2006 ) .

Second. it is possible that inaccurate and uncomplete claims processing by insurance companies may happen because of a proficient job every bit good ( The. . . 2006 ) .

Third. there may be clip when clinical notes may non be retrieved ( The. . . 2006 ) .

Fourth. it is possible that edifice of machine-controlled cheques for drug and allergy interactions will be beyond range ( The. . . 2006 ) .

Fifth. invasion of medical privateness may go on ( The. . . 2006 ) .

Sixth. directing to and sing by research labs of electronic medical records will be stopped ( The. . . 2006 ) .

Seventh. programming of assignments may go unsystematic ( The. . . 2006 ) .

Last but non least. prescriptions may non be seen if double-checks and confirmations are necessitated ( The. . . 2006 ) .


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