Technological Changes in the Insurance Industry

4 April 2015
A look at various change tactics in insurance industries.

This paper reviews the way insurance companies do business changes with a focus on the use of electronic commerce, the use of information technology, the Internet and computer networks to streamline traditionally labor-intensive transactions, facilitate sales and deliver faster and more efficient service to customers. The author examines new business strategies including direct delivery, market segmentation and new product development.
“The size of the commitment to information technology (IT) by the average insurance company is staggering. One study estimates companies spent as much as 5 percent of premium income on IT in 1996 and that IT represented over 50% of insurance company capital expenditure throughout the 1980s (Cummins and Santomero, 1999). Information technology systems have been a part of insurance companies’ operations since the general purpose stored-program computer was invented. Historically, most information systems were used at a main, or headquarters, office for data maintenance in accounting, and later to hold policy and servicing records.”
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