Technological Development And The Third World Essay

9 September 2017

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Technological Development and the Third World


I wonder if people in Third World states know that they are considered

the & # 8220 ; Third World? & # 8221 ; Do they use that term in mention to themselves? Do they

hold any perceptual experience of the comparing, judgement and prejudice that goes into that

statement? I & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds like to believe that they don & # 8217 ; t. In the movie about the Ladack

people that we watched in category, it was mentioned that they didn & # 8217 ; Ts have a word

for poorness. No such word even existed in their linguistic communication. But that was before.

It was before the invasion of other civilizations, and it was before they had

anything to compare themselves to. And in comparing, they saw that, materially,

they had less. And in that cognition, they believed that they, as a people, were


In this essay, I will analyze 3rd universe communities and the

relationship between technological development and environmental debasement. I

will look foremost at the manner in which development occurred in the South, and the

ground it happened the manner that it did. From at that place, I will demo how these

methods of development proceeded to finally do widespread environmental

harm and it & # 8217 ; s consequence on the local people. .

DEVELOPMENT: & # 8220 ; WESTERN & # 8221 ; STYLE

When I refer to & # 8220 ; the environment & # 8221 ; , I mean non merely the home ground that

worlds, workss and animate beings inhabit, but besides the physical, emotional and

psychological attitudes that are encompassed by these in their day-to-day being.

Development, by my definition, will accordingly mention to the technological

promotion of a community every bit good as the improved position of worlds and other

species. This is my definition, and one that others employ often now.

However, the theoretical account I will be analyzing first is the development theory based on

the economic & # 8211 ; political system. & # 8220 ; A typical western ( read: economic ) definition

of development would be & # 8216 ; an equivocal term for a multidimensional procedure

affecting stuff, societal and organisational alteration, accelerated economic

growing, [ and ] the decrease of absolute poorness and inequality. & # 8217 ; & # 8221 ; ( 1 ) The key

accent in this statement is the phrase & # 8220 ; economic growth. & # 8221 ; In Europe and North

America, development political relations has revolved around the economic facet of

bring forthing excess, and deriving capital. Because of our comparatively rich land

resource base, our method of technological development has been rather successful.

Statisticss show us as high pay earners, affluent in public services such as

wellness attention and instruction, low infant mortality rate, long lifetime, and high

GNP per individual. Because of the comfort that our economic development has brought

us, we have omitted the facet of development in respect to human psychological

wellbeing and the saving of our natural milieus that should be

concurrent with technological development. With ours as the lone current theoretical account

of successful development, freshly industrialising states such as South and

Central America, and Africa ( and up until rather late many Asiatic states )

attempted to accomplish consequences in the same manner. The job that ensued for these

states was that alternatively of working easy towards their ends, they sold

themselves to acquire in front economically. Alternatively of acknowledging the jobs that

this method was doing and halting them, authoritiess and the affluent private

sector, took control of the industry and continued to work it. With the rich

in control, the poorer categories had small pick but to follow, and the downward

spiral of poorness and instability began.


As the Third World states struggled to go & # 8220 ; developed, & # 8221 ; the rich

states became involved in their personal businesss. Interest in the states arose

chiefly because of the trade resources that these lands provided. The

potency for net income became apparent because the new states were fighting

with their economic system. They were sing internal agitation between their members

and they needed money and resources to acquire started. Before they had a stable

internal economic system, they were jumping into the international market and merchandising

their resources for a speedy net income. Cash-cropping became a manner to come in the

international sphere of market and trade, but the harm to the land took merely a

few short old ages to be discovered, and by that clip luxuries had become

& # 8220 ; necessities. & # 8221 ; People wanted the hard currency flow to go on and alternatively of happening

ways to utilize their land sustainable, they continued hapless resource direction

irrespective of the effects. Deforestation became another common pattern

because of the demand forwood overseas. Export, although a apparently good

development scheme, became damaging to 3rd universe states because it

catered to the demand for certain points. Coffee beans are a big export point in

South and Central America. With the lifting demand for java in North America,

& lt ;< br />

land that was antecedently used for agribusiness was taken over and used for

turning java beans. The effects of this were twofold ; local people were

enduring from deficiency of land to utilize for nutrient production, and the possible land

was useless because of the cash-crops.


A more current illustration of the technological development that is

ensuing in environmental debasement is the abuse of resources. In Africa,

industrial H2O pollution has become a widespread job. Third World

communities don & # 8217 ; t frequently have the consciousness that the South has about sustainable

techniques and the importance of using them. Most people in North America

live in metropoliss and have their H2O purified to a certain wellness criterion and

brought to them. Peoples in the Third World use the river for lavation, imbibing

and bathing. Dirty H2O leads non merely to damage of the ecosystems but besides

to the wellness of those who use it. Another job is that states from the

South have based their industry in developing states because they have lower

environmental criterions. With the benefits of occupations and money that these

companies bring, the host state will seldom dispute the damaging techniques

that they use. & # 8220 ; Pollution forms another major set of environmental jobs in

the part. It used to be said that pollution is a job of the rich states,

and that for the development states, development must come foremost and we can

concern about the environment subsequently. Pollution and the deteriorating quality of

life caused by environmental debasement in our part has shown how unsound

this statement is. & # 8221 ; ( 2 ) We no longer hold a pick but to turn to the jobs

that adult male is making in nature and the environment. The alibi of development

will no longer keep.

& # 8220 ; ( we, the ) people.. in Latin America are utilizing our best resources for

the benefit of the rich states & # 8211 ; exporting to them our energy, our fish, our

natural stuffs and utilizing our labour resources to pull out and export these

stuffs and all at low monetary values and hapless footings of trade. & # 8221 ; ( 3 ) While our

engineering is assisting the 3rd universe states in countries such as wellness and

instruction, our ain desire for goods and net income prevent us from leting them

their full potency. We create an economic system where we will make whatever it takes to

acquire what we want. As an illustration, we of the developed states tell the 3rd

universe that they should halt environmental harm, while it is our companies that

are taking advantage of their low criterions. We tell them to halt cash-cropping,

but we buy their java beans at any monetary value. With these hypocritical criterions,

we will ne’er act upon them to turn their economic system about. As we our

economically motivated in our ain involvement, they excessively need economic motive to

alter their destructive wonts. Particularly since with us, their merchandises are

chiefly & # 8220 ; extras, & # 8221 ; while for them, their trade of the merchandise is negatively

act uponing their economic system and impacting their people.

In Asia and the Pacific, urbanisation, modernisation, and engineering are

making different environmental jobs. It is the job of human demand.

Thousands of people have been displaced from farms because the authorities or the

private sector expropriates them for industrial usage. Rich foodlands are being

destroyed and turned into main roads, airdromes or dams.With no where to travel and no

occupations, the people are migrating to the metropolis in hunt of places and employment.

Slums and homesteader homes result with jobs of lifting offense and unhygenic

populating conditions. This puts awful strain on both the human and physical

environment, making a state of affairs with small hope for a successful hereafter.


To battle these crisis, we must follow some new behaviours. Our current

theoretical account of development is demoing some obvious defects and it is apparent that it is

the impact of engineering that has resulted in. environmental harm. But

engineering is non the lone factor at mistake. It is the influence of engineering

combined with human greed that has presented these complex homo and

environmental jobs. Laws supervising pollution of the environment must be

enforced, and followed every bit in all states. With the cognition that we now

possess of the planetary pandemonium that is at manus, we have no alibi but to make so.

The lip service that exists between the systems must besides be stopped.

Sing non merely ourselves, but the endangered lives of others is indispensable

to the continuance of our species as a whole. Our fortunate place in a

developed state does non give us the right to make a hierarchy of our

being as more of import than the life of another.

Possibly, the lone manner that we are traveling to battle any of these jobs

is by instruction. It will take more than a few dedicated people to alter the

universe, but with the influence of many, anything is possible.

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