Technological Progress Is a Double Edged Sword

10 October 2016

We live in the era of technology, technology has advance for many years from simple items such as an oil lamp to electric lights. There has been such a vast change in technology and in life as well. Thanks to technology and its predictability, man has come to know more about the world and also him. Furthermore, technology has made life so easy, transportation, and communication has greatly advanced and it is possible to engage in conversation with a number of people all in different parts of the world at the same time at the same time.

Today, the Internet allows people to have access to information like never before; one can have video conversations with individuals anywhere in the world. Yet despite these time-saving leaps, nowadays many of us complain about not having enough time. Many of us are spending more time working and therefore have less time for leisure and ourselves, it is ironic that in a life so committed to saving time we feel increasingly deprived of the very thing we value. The modern world of transportation, instant communication and time-saving technological advancements was supposed to free us from the time constraints and provide us with increased relaxing time, Instead there seem never to be enough time for ourselves and far less for time for spending with others. Especially when you look at kids compared to kids of before there is a huge difference between the two not only in age but as well in living life to the fullest.

Technological Progress Is a Double Edged Sword Essay Example

Kids of the past use to enjoy life with the their friends and family and never found the need to have fancy items such as cell phones and iPods they use to go out enjoying themselves by playing sport and walking through the neighbourhood now day you would never find a kid without a cell phone or any other technological devices and kids would never voluntarily leave the house unless for a social gathering Considered to be luxuries, such as colour TVs, air-conditioning, computers and other portable storage devices are taken to be general items rather than luxuries.

People yearn to have the best and be up to date in the latest technological trends but don’t turn back and appreciate where they have come to up till now Technological progress is a double edged sword, some people may agree on this and others may be against it, at the end of the day every has their own on opinion things however some things are the same no matter which point of view you look at it in, Has technology given us rope to develop and build or just enough to hang ourselves with?

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