Technological Utopianism and Virtual Reality

4 April 2015
An examination of virtual reality, its ideas, concepts and development.

This paper examines the ideas, advancements, and historical factors that have perpetuated the concept of Virtual Reality as a natural extension of technology for the creation of social utopia. The author examines concepts that have influenced this ideology in American history throughout the past century.
“Since the 1980’s when the term Virtual Reality was used, hundreds of optimistic articles have touted the boundless nature of the coming technology. Although at this point Virtual Reality still consists of only a sensor glove and a visor, articles envisioned entire sensor suits, if they mention hardware at all. Most relayed sensations of flying or participating in some activity with alien like creatures. It is clear that most articles hold high expectations for Virtual Reality. Possibly no less than the standard set by fictional accounts like Bradbury’s, The Veldt and Star Trek’s Holodeck. The purpose of the articles is to stimulate more interest and fuel desire for technological advancement. The public waits anxiously for the next transformation from the imagination to reality.”

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