Technologies Impact on Culture

Introduction This paper will discuss five different aspects of organizational cultures, the role of the mission statement, ethical standards, organizational diversity, dress and language and the impact of technology on the culture. Technologies Impact on Culture In the last 200 years there has not been a bigger impact on culture than technology. Technology has changed our culture in so many ways from travel, communication, medical breakthroughs, industry developments, entertainment devices, to cooking habits.

Technology is growing faster and faster each day with no end in sight. It has been said that students in collage today have to learn the solution to tomorrow’s problems before the ideas of improvement has been designed. Fixing tomorrows problems is a hard concept to understand but one man recognized the potential of technology in the realm of communication over 100 years ago and his name is Alexander graham Bell. Bell revolutionized the way people communicate with the invention of the telephone in the late 1800’s. AT&T timeline). From the day, Bell invented the telephone the communication industry has never been the same. Bell started the Bell Telephone Company, which later became AT&T. AT&T has been one of the leaders in the technology race with the inventions of the fax machine, stereo recordings, communication satellites, fiber optic technology, instance language translator, translating a voice from English to Spanish, which can recognize over 450 words and more than a billion sentence combinations.

AT&T has continued to be a leader in changing the world’s culture in the area of communication and is not slowing down. At the turn of the 20th century, AT&T launched their version of internet fraud protection system and is continuing to develop smaller personal communication devices and learning tools for the US military abroad. (AT&T timeline). AT&T with great vision and planning has developed a mighty technological machine and has Change our culture forever. The impact of technology on the culture can be seen every day just look around.

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