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7 July 2017

Technology has had an outstanding consequence on traditional civilizations through out the universe over the last century. The development of engineering due to the globalization has a major impact on the universe particularly it has changed the traditional civilization and methods of communicating. transit and instruction. Different types of engineerings are used for assorted grounds in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. The developments of engineering interruption up the international bounds and open up a new way to civilization changing globalisation to happen. New technological promotion has a greater impact on instruction in a traditional civilization and it has opened the doors non merely to instruction but besides on employment chances as good ( Musawi 2011 ) . He besides stresses that the people around the Earth have become much closer due to the technological development over the past decennaries. It is a true fact that innovation of new engineerings such as digital media brings everyone closer together around the universe. Even though due to the technological development has changed the manner of thought and life forms of the people through out the universe.

However the result of the development of engineering affects traditional manner of people’s lives in both negative and positive ways. Early epoch people used to pass their glorious clip with their households and now people spend more clip on cyberspace and societal networking such as Facebook. MySpace and Twitter. Gilyarewskii ( 2007 ) states that modern twenty-four hours kids are wholly different than pre computing machine age kids. Unlike pre computing machine age kids who were originative with their work and had avocations like roll uping casts. go through the leisure clip with their equals but the modern twenty-four hours kids spend more clip on computing machine games. societal networking and cyberspace. In fact engineering plays a critical function in development of communicating. transit and instruction on any civilization.

Technology and Culture Essay Sample Essay Example

Due to the globalisation the universe has shrunk in to one planetary small town. The chief ground for this is the technological promotion in the universe. This has a immense impact on communicating methods in today’s universe. People all around the universe can cognize what’s go oning in the other corners of universe in the visible radiation of velocity due to these promotions. The traditional methods of pre historic worlds were chiefly dependent on marks drawings and animate beings hence the traditional methods were slow and unreliable. Modern communicating systems have changed the manner that people communicate with one another ( Vijaylakshmi et al 2006 ) . These new engineerings allow people to pass on in effectual and advanced ways. Nowadays most people spend their clip on cyberspace and nomadic phones. which that they used to pass on reading intelligence documents and garnering with their household members. Tendencies towards cyberspace activities and nomadic phone use have besides resulted in dramatic down incline in traditional media use such as newspapers and societal assemblage.

Earlier day’s people used to pass on through letters and wires. even pre historic age people used to pass on by utilizing animate beings such as birds. Nowadays computing machines are dominant in everyplace. even in developing states such as India whose mean income is far less than developed states ( Vijaylakshmi et al 2006 ) . In the present state of affairs. Internet is going the chief communicating method that is progressively going more deep rooted into twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life and impacting upon the traditional civilization. However the development of engineering it has some down side effects on traditional civilizations. As stated by Madzingira traditional communities in Africa they chiefly relied on unwritten. face to confront type of communicating ( Madzingira 2001 ) . This manner of communicating is really effectual than electronic relationship because it is more emotional may non do the societal isolation. Second. the development of transit has besides consequence the civilization in many ways. During the twentieth century rapid growing of transit creates batch of benefits for people through out the universe. Transportation system affects every facet of people in any civilization.

It has a cardinal impact on life forms. growing of economic system in a state. Over the past decennaries. car industry and route buildings were extremely developed in some developing states such as in India. As a consequence it creates more environmental pollution. traffic over crowding and high energy ingestion. Harmonizing to Baidya et Al ( 2009 ) they have stated that India is the biggest cause of environment pollution due to its modern system of transit. However everyone has non received the same benefits from the promotion of transit and investings. as an illustration holding a main road following door is non good to person who does non have a vehicle ( Baidya et al 2009 ) . However. the development of transit creates more benefit for the economic system and growing of the cultural facets. As an illustration due to the new transit methods such as air transit it helps people to go around the Earth without any vacillation. Olubomehin ( 2012 ) states that the development of route transit in Nigeria helps to increase the economic system. agricultural production and impacted positively on urbanization procedure. He farther states that it creates batch of employment chances for the people and besides boosted commercial and trading activities. Nevertheless development of modern transit system makes life so much easier than early yearss. It brings everyone around the universe much closer.

Finally. engineering has a greater impact on development of instruction in traditional civilizations. Today. although kids are utilizing computing machines. laptops. and other assorted engineerings that allow them to research and research their surveies more easy. Over the last twosome of decennaries engineering has become less expensive and more dependable method in instruction. For case on-line instruction plays a critical function in higher surveies. Musawi ( 2011 ) stresses that engineering is altering the manner the instructors teach and pupils learn. Earlier day’s pupils spend more clip at the category room and the library for researching and analyzing. With the development of engineering they are off from category suites and more in to the on-line instruction ( Gilyarewskii 2007 ) . She states that most kids can non last without nomadic phones and cyberspace. As a consequence immature coevals is confronting a deficiency of physical communicating with others. personal issues. and falling societal accomplishments. It can be argued that the kids who are utilizing modern engineering are more educated and knowing than others. Chinnamai ( 2005 ) argued that the effects of new engineering on instruction bring rapid development in larning systems across India.

The rise of new engineering is determining the future kids into intelligent people with a broad scope of accomplishments and cognition to use to competitory. information based society ( Chinnamai 2005 ) . She farther provinces that the developing states and 3rd universe states face a grating trouble to implement these new technological methods due to the deficiency of substructure and inadequate of financess. Although the new engineering has many advantages to the pupil it besides degrades the societal bonding of one another. The pupils have no originative accomplishments and thoughts since everything can be found on cyberspace. This is contradictory to the past traditional methods of instruction. where pupils chiefly relied on books. reading. instructors and their aged household members. Students at present pass more clip utilizing cyberspace on societal media and bookman web sites than prosecuting in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities with their household and friends. This affects them physically every bit good as mentally. On the other manus these methods are faster. more dependable and efficient.

Consequently. the developed engineering has greater impact on traditional cultural methods of many twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities and there are advantages and disadvantages due to this. Yet one can reason that the new engineering is the most of import thing in a extremely globalized universe which fundamentally has the whole universe relies upon that. It is a fact that the development of engineering has had a important impact on traditional civilizations through out the universe.


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