Technology and Reading

6 June 2017

We Read Reading has gone from print to becoming digital in todays world and affects not only the way we read but also the way we communicate with one another. since we are conscience about technology altering the way we read. Remember what a book looks like? Let me show you that by leaving our prints behind, the way we read today has scaled toa digital level, leaving standard books and letters obsolete. Even though you cant furnish a room with Just a single device, Ilke you are able with books, or you can’t necessarily fling your e-reader across the room because you risk breaking it.

Despite Jabr (April, 2013) stating “Before 1992 most studies concluded that people read slower, less accurately and less comprehensively on screens than on paper. ” , technology has changed the way we communicate with the means of social media, the way we conduct business, and the way we plan for our future by Improving technology even further. The use ot social media has in tact attected us as a society in the way we read now. Facebook has been the most productive social network that has implemented the news and apps together seamlessly.

Technology and Reading Essay Example

The news has never been easier to be shared mong the world since the popularity of Facebook has developed. News agencies have had the opportunity to create their business pages via Facebook and spread the pages out globally to the active users on this social network giant. News articles are now viewable online and can be shared by a status update through Facebook, along with videos, poll questions, and even customer Input through direct messages or comments on these status updates.

The news agency can find out precisely what readers are saying about their content and In most cases the help of their audience sharing the content or article on their own news feed has increased views. MacManus (2011) has said, “Media companies such as Washington Post and The Guardian have connected to Facebook so tightly that even the mere fact of clicking on a link to their site sends an update to your Facebook news feed. ” If this is true, then the Integration of our dally Interests In these pages online and the technology with social media is stronger than ever.

Can you imagine what will happen in the next 5, 10, or even 20 years? On the side of social media you have another network in Twitter, which allows people to connect by sharing their thoughts or links within a 160 haracter limit. Twitter has also changed the way we read because of its to the point’ updates. People now have a shorter attention span than ever with Twitter’s character limit, the patience people once had has diminished when reading news articles and stories, now all they want Is a summary. Ultimately this can affect an author or Journalist by having to, without a choice, blow people away with their articles or novels.

Only time will tell if that will lead to a good or bad thing. Visual representation has been influenced by reading as well, with the likes of Vine videos here the videos are compacted into six seconds. Now when people view longer videos, tney lose patlence, It could De posslDle Decause 0T tne popularlty 0T tne slte for now, and hopefully it will fade away and get back to normal. I doubt it will since naturally, times have changed and have the pace at which we live has increased as each decade passes. These changes in technology have had a positive effect in the way our businesses operate today.

Technology has changed the way the world conducts business in the world today. One of the major changes in business has been to conduct business with the use of -mail. E-mail in the business world has had a strong impact because now you can market your business with e-mail with ‘E-mail Marketing’ much like mailing out flyers however sending out an e-mail is much more cost efficient and happens almost instantly. Speaking of cost efficiency, you can now do business across the world without having to send a hand-written or typed up letter to be mailed out and wait for a response to be mailed all the way back.

You can also send out company wide information out to all of your employees to keep them up-to-date with how business is going. According to Kleiman (Forbes, 2013) “… there’s still something to be said for taking the time to hand-write your thoughts. ” This ultimately means that it is a more formal way of conducting business, it also means you took the time to hand write the letter instead of sending an e-mail, which is said to be informal. Technology has had its impact on advertising as well, when you compare advertisements on print and online.

Cost efficiency in advertising online rather than print is tremendously improved, where you can pay for the amount of clicks or hits you get only you are aying for what people already see rather than printing advertisements and risking people not seeing your ad. Statistic track-ability is also a huge plus when you advertise online, an issue you would have if you were to print your advertisements. Everything that has been outlined so far leaves one big question: What does the future have in store for technology and the way we read?

The future of technology will affect the way we read and the way we operate knowing how others will read and communicate with us. The applications and devices that already exist for replacing books are expanding such as the Kindle line of products. Kindle is leading the way in innovation, with their newest product, the Kindle Single is where you read an essay or short story rather than a full length novel all published in digital form rather than printed on a book.

Now another application is the Type N Walk app where it allows a user to send a text message from their smartphone and be able to see what is in front of them by way of the camera on the smartphone becoming activated. A society where we are constantly on our phones, this is what it has come to. How far will these new innovations go? Maybe biology will be the next big thing. There may come a time where books and devices no longer exist, with everything getting programmed into our minds. There really is no farfetched idea too extreme since technology moves rapidly through the times.

The future is here now and it is not crazy to think that one day soon, we will have the ability to Just scan through a database Just by thinking it or speaking it for the convenience and rapid pace that time is going at. We will eventually have everything we search on the internet tapped into our brains for a more efficient society. Our brains can be connected to a glooal network so tnat companles wlll nen Know wnat we Ilke individually, with our privacy being taken away along with it.

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