Technology and the Disabled

4 April 2015
The paper states that technology cannot eliminate most of the problems for an individual with disabilities and concludes that, for the disabled person to be able to do all that is available for him/her to do in society, the public must be educated.

The author states that technology has opened many doors of opportunity for those who are disabled, but the disabled still are not independent in all aspects of the society. He continues that the federal government requires that there be no discrimination concerning the disabled person but there is still the discrimination and the stigma of disability. The paper presents examples of technology and types of discrimination. The author recommends better public education as the key to helping the disabled to have a better quality of life.
“Worldwide, many opportunities are opening up for the disabled. “As we continue to move ahead in the new millennium, we are more aware of what can be done with technology today and in the future in order to lower the number of people with disabilities who are employed.” For the end user the biggest issue may be, “Will the system work for me or will there need to be adjustments made in order for me to do the job requirements?” ”

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