TEchnology: Bane or Boon

6 June 2017

IT is not the end-all. Knowing how to operate each and every technology Is not the goal. For It to be significant, let us keep in mind that it is a means to an end. By itself, technology is neither good or bad. It becomes good or bad depending on the purpose of the user. For example, a media player can be used to watch pornographic films or inspiring, educational ones.

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TEchnology: Bane or Boon
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In the former, obviously it is detrimental. But In the latter, it is beneficial. So, is technology a boon or bane? Older people may think It is bane because they got used to living without it and they got along Just fine. Before my son gave me an IPAD 2, I don’t have a desire for it nor do I understand why a lot of people are buying one Inspite of the price. I could get by without it. And I was of the opinion that everybody else could get by without it. But now that I have one and discovered Its many features, I appreciate Its uses and there Is not a day that dont open It.

It Is very useful. Older people may also think It Is complicated and stressful to learn. So for most of them, it is a burden. This is a downside but the upsides more than make up for it. t Of2 makes the world smaller. One can know what’s going on real- time in a distant place and connect with people around the world instantaneously. As a tool, its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. And Just like any tool, in the wrong hands, it can be a disaster. But when used appropriately, it will get the Job done faster, easier and better. And it is up to you and me to determine the difference.

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